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A neighborhood is attacked by an outbreak of fulminant flu, which soon leaves corpses. Authorities are forced to cordon off the area and quarantine it, leaving a multitude of families isolated. Among them are the Johansson, who must do everything possible to protect themselves while, on the outside, the situation is tense until bursting into chaos. Read More »


Three of the characters, Lima, premiered a film in theaters with total failure. The billboard was taken from just one week for the few spectators. One day they heard about the traveling film and they thought it might be a way to bring his beloved to “uncontaminated” by the Hollywood film locations. With this idea they hire Beto, an Argentine ... Read More »

Operación México

In a shocked Argentina, in the summer of 1978, militants of an insurgent organization Edgar Tulio Valenzuela (Tucho) and Rachel Black (Mary) with an advanced pregnancy and a young child, are kidnapped by the Armed Forces and transferred to the outskirts of Rosario. A senior Argentine Army does to Tucho a proposal that fulfill betray the ideals to which I ... Read More »

El Destierro

During the Spanish Civil War, Teo is aimed at monitoring a small fort, located in a cold and inhospitable place in the mountains. There he meets Silverio, his new companion, who will have to live for six long months. The different personalities of these two men will cause many tensions, exacerbated by the limited space. It breaks the fragile coexistence ... Read More »

Sleeping with other people

Since that time the university had a chance encounter in which both lost their virginity, Jake and Lainey have become a compulsive infidels who have destroyed their relationships one after another. After cutting with her last boyfriend because of his infidelities, Lainey agrees to go to therapy and attends a sex addicts meeting in New York. There she reconnects with ... Read More »

El Jeremías

Es la historia de un niño brillante, inadaptado y pesimista, que tras enterarse de que es un genio, lucha por salir adelante a pesar de la ignorancia y los escasos recursos de su familia. Con sólo ocho años de edad, tiene que adelantar la decisión más difícil de su vida: ¿Qué quiere ser de grande? Read More »

Todo comenzó por el fin

Self-portrait Group of Cali, also known as “Caliwood” a group of moviegoers, who in the midst of unbridled rumba and the historic chaos of the 70s and 80s, managed to produce a series of films that are a fundamental part of the history of Colombian cinema. In turn, it is the medical history of the own director, who became ill ... Read More »


TV adaptation of the film “Frequency” directed by Gregory Hoblit in 2000. The story raised the possibility that a child will communicate with his late father, 30 years in the past, through an old radio. Read More »

El tiempo de los monstruos

Victor, who claims to have filmed some movies that have not got brand new, gather around his deathbed to his most faithful collaborators, in order to represent his posthumous work. His wife Clara, a woman rich in search of its own identity; Andrea, an actress who arrives accompanied by her dentist; Raul, his faithful screenwriter and friend, who came accompanied ... Read More »

Boi neon

Iremar Vaquejadas works in the traditional rodeo in northeastern Brazil. Your home is the truck transporting the animals from one to another show and he shares with his companions, his compadre, Zé, Galega, an exotic dancer and truck driver, and her cheerful daughter Cacá. But the country is changing and growing textile industry in the region instills new ambitions in ... Read More »