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Llévate mis amores

An intimate approach to The Bosses, a group of Mexican women who since 1995 prepared food every day and throw migrants traveling on the freight train Beast, which travels toward the United States. A personal diary charting the frontier between life and playing live the life that is chosen; a brave and dazzling example of love and solidarity that contrasts ... Read More »

El comienzo del tiempo

Antonio and Bertha are an elderly couple round the nineties. Their problems begin when they retire because pensions social and financial crisis in the country. Given the need to survive alone as his two sons have not seen for several years, they are on the hard need to sell their belongings, preparing street food and to steal. The life of ... Read More »

From the dark

A couple on a journey through the Irish countryside are a horrible-looking creature that attacks only at night, unleashing a true hell that they will not escape. Read More »

The canal

While file classified material rolled in the early twentieth century, David discovers that his house was the scene of a terrible crime. A tragic fact that threatens to cast a ghostly shadow over the life of the protagonist. Using images file as something creepy, The Canal becomes a large sample of psychological terror. Read More »


Lucas and Ludmila are two lovers kids living on the street. They move through the city like a board game. Lucas works with his friend trucker Bone collecting bait butcher shops. In his spare time he commits misdemeanors and fires his gun to urban monuments. Ludmila is wheelchair by a bullet lodged near his spine. He has a brother who ... Read More »


Sebastian is a chef returns to his hometown to care for her mother Carmen, who has fallen ill. The relationship between mother and child was never good, had been many years since the last time they spoke. On the other hand, Sebastian revives the past with his exenamorada Lucia, discovering he has a son with her for 9 years. Suddenly ... Read More »

The Anderssons Rock the Mountains

When it is discovered that his beloved Sophie is about to go to the mountains to ski with an athletic, handsome classmate convinces Andersson whole family to follow the girl, although not ski. Once there, both families must share cabin, while Sune only have one goal in mind: getting back to Sophie. Read More »