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Detective Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) is the most surly police detective, perverted, misanthropic and drug addict and sex of Edinburgh. However, Robertson wants a promotion. It is clearly the right person for the job; the rest of his colleagues are idiots. Unfortunately, there has been a murder and the head of Bruce wants results. No problem. He is in control ... Read More »

La vida después

Samuel and Rodrigo begin a journey in search of his mother who strangely disappears, leaving a note on the table that says: I had to leave. Mom. The relationship between the brothers becomes tense and fractures as they travel through the desert landscape following leads based on childhood memories. Read More »

La maniobra de Heimlich

And satirical mockumentary comedy about the world of culture on Alex Couple (Jacob Torres), a writer who achieved his greatest success with his first novel, “The Heimlich maneuver.” The book was about the death of his girlfriend choke on a piece of chicken for dinner. Since then, none of his works have returned to favor with critics or the public. ... Read More »

Une promesse (A Promise)

Germany, 1912, shortly before the First World War. A young graduate of humble origin becomes secretary and confidante of a wealthy businessman of steel. As his close working relationship, the young will often go to the domicile of the employer, a beautiful and quiet much younger than her husband. Among them will emerge such a secret passionate relationship as platonic, ... Read More »

Familia gang

A senior official of the Mexican political system decides to pretend the capture and death of El Coyote, public enemy number one in Mexico, and to do so, covenants with his family, requiring a body double. Topillero is responsible for carrying out the plan, but the path is reunited with his wife and son, whom he abandoned years ago. Read More »

Life Feels Good

Mateusz suffers from cerebral palsy. He is 30 and lives a normal life within their limitations. The film tells what has been his life, both the good and the bad, and the present, where an intern at a mental institution, will be examined to determine their level of disability. Read More »

Shingeki no Kyojin

TV Series (2013). 25 episodes. ‘Attack on Titan’ is a series based on the manga of the same name directed by Tetsuro Araki (Death Note, Guilty Crown …) carried out by a group of residents of a city surrounded by walls to protect the population of the attacks of giant cannibals who occasionally get into the place. Read More »

To Appomattox

TV miniseries. 8 episodes. It will focus on the lives of some of the most revered American icons: the Civil War generals, their wives and families, against the backdrop of war. Read More »

Die Andere Heimat – Chronik einer Sehnsucht

Prequel trilogy Heimat Edgar Reitz performed for television in 1984, 1993 and 2004 which follows the history of Germany in the twentieth century through a fictional German people. This film is set in the mid-19th century and follows the Hunsrück family looking to escape poverty and hunger starting a new life in Brazil. Divided into two parts: Home From Home ... Read More »

La navaja de Don Juan

This is the story of two brothers whose relationship is defined from a set of forces and a party where the least of which expects to lose her virginity. But as events unfold, the boys must overcome rivalries that after a fight, things will soon spiral out of control.   Read More »