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Hart of Dixie

TV Series (2011-2015) 4 seasons. 76 episodes. As in ‘Everwood’ or ‘Northern Exposure’, tells the story of a doctor who decides one day move to let a stressful and chaotic hospital in Manhattan to move to a small town in Alabama. Culture shock, the change of life and new friendships will be the basis of the series. Read More »

La reina del sur

TV Series (2011). 63 episodes. La Reina del Sur is the television adaptation of the literary success of the same name by Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte. It chronicles the rise of a Mexican woman in the world of international drug trafficking. Teresa Mendoza began his adventure as a humble young man in love with a pilot employed by the Mexican ... Read More »


TV Series (2011-Present). American remake of the British series about the peculiar family Gallagher, in which Frank (William H. Macy), a single, alcoholic father, tries to educate his six smart, wild and independent children. Read More »

The Killing

TV series (2011-2014). 4 seasons. 44 episodes. Thriller based on the Danish series ‘Forbrydelsen’. The plot unfolds investigate the murder of a young woman from the point of view of all the characters involved, from your family and friends to the police officers in charge of the case. Read More »

Once Upon a Time

TV Series (2011-Present). Mixing the real world and fairy tales, the story of Emma Swan, a woman whose life changes when her son, who was given up for adoption ten years ago, the find is counted. He believes his mother belongs to an unreal world and is the daughter of Snow White. Read More »

The Lying Game

TV Series (2011-Present). Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer are twin sisters who were separated at birth. When Sutton decided to go to Los Angeles to find his biological mother, Emma has to impersonate her twin sister. Read More »


In Carthage, a town in Texas, Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), an undertaker beloved by all the townspeople, befriends a rich and wicked widow (Shirley MacLaine). Read More »

Lizzie McGuire

TV series (2001-2004). 65 episodes. Lizzie, a girl of 13 years, is trying to make a hole in their environment and, like other girls her age, survive in a stage full of important changes. His close friends, Miranda and Gordo will help you overcome the typical problems of their age but sometimes, it is the need to help them. The ... Read More »


On the way to the party of the year, four friends decide to play a joke that triggers a chain of events that will take place over one day. Read More »

El pacto

TV Series thirteen episodes (2011). Cordova Lucia investigating the case of liquidation of a company trying to procedural guarantees of the defendant are respected. But as you investigate, discover that personalities are involved and behind the case that occupies larger crimes are hidden. Read More »