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Office Christmas Party

When her sister, CEO of the company, threatens to close its branch, the branch manager decides to organize an epic holiday party to get a new client. To their surprise, the party goes out of control. Read More »

Prueba de actitud

Four students in their final year of high school steal the University Selection Test (PSU) and escape to the beach to memorize the answers. However, the summer, the party and the men divert them from their perfect plan by losing the only copy within days of taking the exam. Now the four of them must put their friendship to the ... Read More »

El primero de la familia

In the suburbs of Santiago, Tomás spent his last weekend as a family before traveling to continue his studies in Europe. A problem in the sewage system produces a flood of foul-smelling water that moves through the house, bringing to light the true essence of the relationships of a family that has been disintegrating for some time. Read More »

Kiki, el amor se hace

Five stories of love and curious sexual relationships coincide in a hot Madrid summer. Dacrifilia, Elifilia, Somnofilia and Harpaxofilia are some of the particular ways of obtaining pleasure that our protagonists discover, but to enjoy them they will have to decide how to integrate them in their lives. Her feelings, her fears and above all her sexuality are transformed by ... Read More »


Evaristo Jimenez is a renowned fashion designer whose dream is to bring his clothing brand to international fame, but his empire will be threatened by the possibility that the whole world will discover his addiction to women, something that his millions of fans They would never forgive. Read More »

100 metros

Ramon (Dani Rovira), father of thirtysomething family lives for work until your body begins to fail. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, all forecasts suggest that in a year will not be able to walk or 100 meters. Ramon then decides to stand up to life participating in the toughest sporting event on the planet. With the help of his wife (Alexandra ... Read More »


A chronicle of the times of Max Perkins (Colin Firth), the publisher of most admired books in the world, which introduced audiences to the greatest writers of this century, revolutionizing American literature. Tirelessly committed to nurturing talent, was the force behind great literary stars as F. Scott Fitzgerald (Guy Pearce), Ernest Hemingway (Dominic West) and Thomas Wolfe (Jude Law). Read More »

Until Forever

Michael and Michelle are deeply in love. Enjoy full of laughter beautiful love and firm faith. But the dream of a long future for this young couple threatened when Michael was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. They now face circumstances shall test the strength of the commitment. Read More »

La larga noche de Francisco Sanctis

Adaptation of the novel by Humberto Costantini, located in Buenos Aires in 1977. A man receives, during the dictatorship, the information of the whereabouts of two persons wanted by the military. You now have the ability to save, even if it means risking his own life. Read More »


Three of the characters, Lima, premiered a film in theaters with total failure. The billboard was taken from just one week for the few spectators. One day they heard about the traveling film and they thought it might be a way to bring his beloved to “uncontaminated” by the Hollywood film locations. With this idea they hire Beto, an Argentine ... Read More »