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La maniobra de Heimlich

And satirical mockumentary comedy about the world of culture on Alex Couple (Jacob Torres), a writer who achieved his greatest success with his first novel, “The Heimlich maneuver.” The book was about the death of his girlfriend choke on a piece of chicken for dinner. Since then, none of his works have returned to favor with critics or the public. ... Read More »

La calle de la amargura

At dawn, two middle-aged prostitutes back to their hovels. They are not tired to work. They are tired of not. One has problems with a teenage daughter and a transvestite husband. The other is I will face loneliness. But tonight they are going to celebrate the victory in the ring two dwarves fighters. At the hotel, for desvaliar to men, ... Read More »

Nadie quiere la noche (Nobody Wants the Night)

Josephine (Juliette Binoche), a rich and cultured woman, going to the North Pole to meet her husband, the explorer Robert Peary. During the trip he guides an Eskimo humble (Rinko Kikuchi). Despite their differences, both will have to unite to survive the harsh climate of the tundra. Read More »

I Am Your Father

Tribute in honor of David Prowse, the man behind the mask of most memorable villain in movie history, Darth Vader, who also never showed his face in the movies of the original trilogy. Not even in Return of the Jedi, a fact that deeply wounded him and marked him forever. It’s time to reveal the reason for this decision and ... Read More »

Ocho apellidos catalanes

Koldo alarms (Karra Elejalde) light up when he learns that his daughter Amaia (Clara Lago), after breaking up with Rafa (Dani Rovira), is in love with a Catalan (Berto Romero). He then decides to head to Seville to convince Rafa that accompanies Catalonia Amaia to rescue arm of the young man and his environment. Sequel to “Eight Basque surnames.” Read More »

Game Over

A young man becomes a soldier following his dream. But the real war is bored and comes home to face a family crisis caused by war. Only when you realize that reality is not like in the movies, you will be able to mature. (Documenta Madrid) Read More »

La final

Tres amigos hinchas del Atlético Madrid y tres chicas seguidoras del Real Madrid: todos protagonizan una historia de amor la semana de la final de Champions. Aure y Andrea tienen una tensión sexual no resuelta desde la adolescencia, fruto de la casualidad, surge el reencuentro. Paco y Marian fueron pareja en el pasado, hasta que Marian cruzó el charco y ... Read More »

Enamorándome de Abril

A writer who signed with the pseudonym of a woman in love with a journalist who signed with the pseudonym of man. When love comes almost always it takes us by surprise and nobody can oppose. Read More »

Boxing for Freedom

BOXING FOR FREEDOM reveals the story of the young Sadaf Rahimi, the best boxer of Afghanistan, who must confront the traditions of his country, fear and their own destiny to be a free woman. A fight that become a reference for many young Afghan. Read More »


Tells the story of Walter Mann, an actor who is fighting a battle between his inner light and darkness, through a journey in which one of the two poles will eventually prevail. Read More »