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France, 1879. Felicia is a girl who lives in Normandy and suddenly becomes orphaned. Given his skills for ballet he will arrive in Paris, where he will make a name. Read More »

La Vache

Fatah, a small farmer in Algeria only has eyes for his cow Jacqueline and dreams take her to Paris at the Salon de l’Agriculture. Upon receiving the invitation, he has never left the field, take a boat towards Marseille to cross all of France on foot. It is an opportunity for Fatah and Jacqueline live an adventure of great moments ... Read More »

Nine Lives

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is an unscrupulous executive who enjoys living life on the edge and fully dedicated to his work, although his family is not very happy with it. As a birthday present for his daughter, buys a cat Tom Grant (Christopher Walken), a strange guy. On his way home Tom suffers a terrible accident and is in a ... Read More »

Médecin de campagne

All people living in this rural area can count on Jean-Pierre, the doctor auscultation them, cure them and reassures them any time of day, seven days a week. Sick in turn, accepts the arrival of Nathalie, fresh from his hospital work, for help. But did you manage to adapt to this new life and especially to meet the challenge of ... Read More »

Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse

Paul Dedalus leaving Tajikistan recalling his childhood in Roubaix, mad crisis of his mother, the link between him and his brother Ivan, pious and violent child. He recalls his 16 years, his father, inconsolable widower, the trip to the USSR where a clandestine assignment would take him to offer his own identity to a young Russian. He also recalled his ... Read More »

Un homme idéal

At 25 years, Mathieu, is aspiring to become an author of prestige: a dream that seems unreachable because, despite all their efforts, can not get you edit anything. Meanwhile, life is gained in the mover of his uncle. Their fate will overturn the day, by chance, you come across the manuscript of a lonely old man who has just died. ... Read More »

Come What May

May 1940 at the collapse of France, when millions of people were on the road, fearing the advancing German army, we are told the story of a German who has escaped from Nazism and searching for her son, led by a teacher a village to which he had committed. Read More »


History clown Chocolat (Omar Sy), the first black artist circus in France, which was a huge success in the late nineteenth century. It was also the first to advertise, the same that inspired other contemporary Belle Epoque as Toulouse Lautrec or the Lumière brothers participating in several of his early films. Along with the clown Foottit (James Thierrée), both were ... Read More »

Les souvenirs

Romain is 23 years old. He wants to be a writer, but for now is night watchman at a hotel. His father is 62 years old, is retired and everything seems to care a damn. Romain shared apartment with a boy of 24 years whose only goal in life is to seduce women, no matter who or how much it ... Read More »