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The bye bye Man

When three college students move to an old house off campus, they unintentionally free “Bye Bye Man,” a supernatural being who persecutes whoever discovers his name. They will try to keep their existence secret to keep the rest from certain death. Read More »


During one of Oregon’s most violent storms, a young cellist seeks solitude and comfort in the safety of her large apartment, but soon realizes she might not be home alone. Read More »


A neighborhood is attacked by an outbreak of fulminant flu, which soon leaves corpses. Authorities are forced to cordon off the area and quarantine it, leaving a multitude of families isolated. Among them are the Johansson, who must do everything possible to protect themselves while, on the outside, the situation is tense until bursting into chaos. Read More »

KM 31: Sin retorno

Siete años después de haber estado envuelto en los casos del kilómetro 31, el oficial Martín Ugalde (Carlos Aragón) es llamado para investigar una serie de desapariciones de niños en los alrededores de las avenidas Río Mixcoac y Río Churubusco en la Ciudad de México. Al poco tiempo, hay una cuenta de que tienen un lazo muy particular con los ... Read More »


David, a young man who suffered a strange variant of schizophrenia, found dead in his bathtub so terrible. He was persecuted and threatened by a presence that was unable to define. All consistent with his illness. His psychiatrist, Dr. Friedhoff, aware of his little progress, decided to subject him to a new and unusual therapy: that video engraven, himself, for ... Read More »

La niña de la mina

In Guanajuato, after a girl disappears inside a mine two security experts traveling from the US to conduct an inspection without suspecting that a dark legend is responsible for the brutal crimes committed within their tunnels. Read More »

El muerto cuenta su historia

Angel is a fashion advertising director, married and father. Take advantage of their position of power to satisfy his sexual appetite woman who crosses his path. A brotherhood of Celtic goddesses plans to establish universal matriarchy. They have under their control a select group of men who go against the female gender. Angel’s life will be transformed into an ordeal ... Read More »

No estamos solos

A family, Matthew, Monica and Sofia 8 years, move into a house on the outskirts of Lima. From the first night, the girl is haunted by frightening. These harassments become increasingly violent and disruptive, so they require the help of a priest who try to help without imagining the consequences. Read More »

From the dark

A couple on a journey through the Irish countryside are a horrible-looking creature that attacks only at night, unleashing a true hell that they will not escape. Read More »