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Plan sexenal

Mercedes fantasy becomes a nightmare. The biggest fear of John embodies a strange man who comes home. There is chaos and anarchy in the city, so it will be difficult to get ice for drinks, but tonight Mercedes is the object of desire of men and nothing else matters. Read More »

No estamos solos

A family, Matthew, Monica and Sofia 8 years, move into a house on the outskirts of Lima. From the first night, she is haunted by frightening. These harassment are becoming more violent and disruptive, so they require the help of a priest who try to help without imagining the consequences. Read More »

The Visit

A mother leaves her two children in the remote farm of his grandparents in Pennsylvania for a week. Children will discover that the old couple’s into something deeply disturbing. Film M. Night Shyamalan (“The Sixth Sense”) made with very low budget. Read More »

La playa de los ahogados

One morning the body of a sailor is driftwood to shore. If I had hands tied, Just Castelo would be another son of the sea that found her tomb while it was fishing in the waters. But the ocean has never needed to kill moorings. No witnesses, no trace of the boat of the dead, Inspector Leo Caldas is immersed ... Read More »


TV Series (2011-2015). 4 seasons. 89 episodes. The exclusive town of Hampton has reached a new neighbor: Emily Thorne; but, actually, Emily lived there for years until someone ruined his life and his family forever. Emily is back to perform a slow and carefully planned revenge. Read More »

Wayward Pines

TV Series (2015). 10 episodes. A Secret Service agent, Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon), reaches Wayward Pines (Idaho), in search of two federal agents who have disappeared in the bucolic village. The closer it is to find the truth, the more you move away from the life he knew so far. Soon he will face a terrible truth, and that will ... Read More »


The cover-up by the government of the causes of a massive explosion in a city furturista UK, incites photojournalist Jennifer Preston to try to discover the truth, but in the process, unleashes a paranormal phenomenon that begins to harass the city . Read More »

La viuda negra

Olivia, the new girlfriend of a millionaire named Danny, is young, bright and charming. But Melanie, a friend of Danny, is not as convinced. Learn the secrets of Olivia: lies, embezzlement and multiple marriages, which have made her a wealthy widow. Read More »

Mr. Holmes

In 1947, Holmes has retired on a remote farm in Sussex with a housekeeper and the son of it. 93 years of age, his memory and intellectual abilities start to deteriorate. His routine life care is limited to their hive, writing his diary and the fight against loss of power. Suddenly, you are presented an unknown case so far. Read More »