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Swiss Army Man

After a long period isolated on a desert island, Hank finds company in the body of a young flatulent water brought to shore. Gradually, the castaway cold cuts and develop a beautiful friendship. Read More »


Known for their hair color, crazy and magical, the Trolls are the happiest and joyful creatures who break into the world of the song. But his world of rainbows and cupcakes will change forever when their leader Poppy (Anna Kendrick) must embark on a rescue mission that will take her far from the only world he has ever known. Read More »

Xena: Warrior Princess

TV series (1995-2001). 6 seasons. 134 episodes. Xena (Lucy Lawless) is a beautiful warrior whose origins date back to ancient Greece. Always accompanied by his faithful friend Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor) and his powerful magic disk, it stars numerous adventures that lead them to explore different regions in their struggle against evil. Read More »

The Listener

TV Series (2009-Present). Combines intrigue and supernatural and focused on Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik), a paramedic with telepathic powers who is able to hear the thoughts of the people, something that used to solve criminal cases. Toby has hidden his gift for a long time, except Dr. Ray Mercer (Colm Feore), who one day decides to start using it to ... Read More »


TV Series (2005-Present). A mysterious phone message from his father, who has long since left the family home does, leads the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam to California. Although there are his father, discovered her diary, in which they try to find clues that will help them destroy the evil spirit as his father, he is responsible for the death ... Read More »


TV series (2001-2011). 10 seasons. 218 episodes. Series that chronicles the early days of Superman Clark Kent in his hometown, Smallville. There he lived with his parents, he studied at the local high school and met his first girlfriend, Lana Lang, and his future rival, Lex Luthor. Issued by the WB network in 2001-2006 and by The CW from 2006-2011. Read More »


TV series (1995-2000). 5 seasons. 87 episodes. Quinn, a young physics student, discovers how to travel to parallel worlds. Accompanied by his professor, Maximillian Arturo, a colleague and Rembrandt, a singer who joins them accidentally start to slip into alternate universes, where they can see what our world would be if history were different or if they had made different ... Read More »

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

TV series (1996-2003). 7 seasons. 163 episodes. The young student Sabrina Spellman, at age 16, he learns she’s a witch and has magical powers. To learn how to use his powers will address the indications of his two aunts, who are also witches. Read More »

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

TV series (1993-1996). 155 episodes. 3 seasons. Remembered television series early 90s who had great success worldwide, generating not only a film (Power Rangers: The Movie), but also a long list of new series based on characters and a lot of merchandising related thereto. The list sets performed at the end of this is the following: – Power Rangers Turbo ... Read More »


TV series (2008-2012). 5 seasons. 65 episodes. The plot is based on the Arthurian legend focuses on the moment when the young wizard Merlin is about to enter adulthood and meet the future King Arthur Pendragon, similar to his age, both from the same generation. Set in Camelot, moves the action to the moment before the story of King Arthur ... Read More »