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El recuerdo de Marnie

Anna is a loner, no friends, who lives with his adoptive parents. One day is sent to Mr. and Mrs. Pegg. There, where the sand dunes stretch, he meets a girl named Marnie, who will soon become your best friend. Having learned a lot about friendship, Anna will realize that Marnie is not who he seems … Read More »


Jonah, who has just lost his family in a mysterious accident, began working in the foundry of the people. There he meets Marta, with which it shares tragedy and to try to get information about what happened. Their discovery will shake the foundations of the community. Read More »

The Boy and the World

A child who suffers from the lack of a father leaves his village and discover a fantastic world, dominated by animal-machine and strange beings. Extraordinary animated film, with many different techniques, which addresses the problems of the modern world through the eyes of a child. Read More »

Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

Diabolik Lovers (デ ィ ア ボ リ ッ ク ラ ヴ ァ ー ズ Diaborikku Ravāzu), abbreviated as DiaLover, is a franchise of Japanese visual novel developed by the company Rejet. It was adapted to a 12-episode anime by Zexcs studio, broadcast from September 16 to December 9, 2013. Vita launches the versions of the first two games of the ... Read More »

Der Himmel über Berlin

Two angels flying over Berlin, divided by the “wall of shame” city. They are only visible for boys and men of pure heart. Powerless witnesses who can not change the course of events, feel great compassion for human beings. One of them, determined to know the feelings of mortals, falls for a young trapeze artist … Read More »

Elvira, te daría mi vida pero la estoy usando

One night, Gustavo, husband of Elvira, goes out to buy cigarettes. He never returns. Elvira, 40 and mother of two children, began a tireless search for the love of his life. The tracks lead to the conclusion that her husband has kept a secret relationship. The unfortunate discovery will not stop in its mission to find it. Read More »

The Snow Queen

It tells the story of a friendship between two children, Kay and Gerda. A very cold winter day, little Kay is injured in your eye by a shard of glass that The Snow Queen to happy so that it freezes the heart. Kay takes her prisoner (although this does not realize) to its ice castle in the North Pole. Your ... Read More »

Krampus el terror de la navidad

The spirit of Christmas symbolizes family unity, giving and receiving, but when Max sees his family loses faith cracks in these feelings. This situation arouse the wrath of the Krampus, a mythological being who decides with his creatures stalking the child and their relatives to torment them and make them live the holidays literally hell. To save their lives and ... Read More »