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Gilda, no me arrepiento de este amor

Wife, mother and Devoto kindergarten teacher with 30 years, Myriam Alejandra Bianchi decides to change the course of his life forever. With her sweet voice, Gilda marked the tropical music and became an event of popularity. Four years later, he died tragically in a road to the province of Entre Rios route. His music influenced artists of all styles and ... Read More »

La propera pell

A teenager disappeared after eight years back, when everyone gave up for dead, and incorporated into family life marked by the mystery of his disappearance. Gradually emerge it doubts whether it really is the missing child or an impostor. Read More »


Martin and Fernando are at the reception of the building where they work. Suddenly, an earthquake buried under seven floors of concrete and twisted metal. They are 7:19 am September 19, 1985. Martin and Fernando are different universes, fate forces them to face death together; Now, more than ever, they have to tear down the borders between them. Read More »

El comienzo del tiempo

Antonio and Bertha are an elderly couple round the nineties. Their problems begin when they retire because pensions social and financial crisis in the country. Given the need to survive alone as his two sons have not seen for several years, they are on the hard need to sell their belongings, preparing street food and to steal. The life of ... Read More »


Chloe, a college student wakes up one morning surrounded by drawings do not remember painted and thinks they are premonitions that something bad will happen. Tormented by nightmares and moments of amnesia, he escapes from the hospital where they have locked and with Josh, embark on a relentless quest that leads them to confront their fears of the past and ... Read More »

Semana Santa

Dalí and his 8-year-old Pepe, take a vacation with boyfriend Dali Chavez. Instead of bringing them closer, your beach vacation is taking things in each that threaten the family in formation. Read More »


A charismatic defense attorney and a powerhouse television producer work together to control the media following a high-profile incident. Read More »


Recounts the efforts of a secret patrol, consisting of a military, a professor of history and science to avoid the time and change history. The three protagonists chase a villain who has taken over a time machine with intent to alter past events. Read More »

Van Helsing

Vanessa Helsing, distant relative of famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, is resurrected only to find that vampires have taken over the world. She is humanity’s last hope to lead an offensive to take back what has been lost. Read More »