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El virus de la por

When children of a children’s group swimming pool of a sports center begins to swim without belt, they accuse the monitor to kiss one of the children, which makes parents worry and be anxious. Anna, director of swimming club, faces a difficult dilemma and asks explanations Jordi, the monitor. The versions about the kiss do not match. Is it a ... Read More »


The July 15, 2013, the Popular Party extesorero, Luis Barcenas, was transferred from prison to testify in Court. To this day, he had denied any connection with the so-called “Barcenas papers”, but after 18 days in prison, he has decided to change his statement. This film portrays what happened in that room that day. Read More »

Bergoglio, el Papa Francisco

How does a teenager he discovered his religious vocation one day in the spring to be the Pope Francisco (Dario Gandinetti)? That long, hard and exciting journey of a Jesuit who becomes archbishop of Buenos Aires for many years is investigating a young Spanish journalist (Silvia Abascal), after meeting in the conclave of 2005 to Jorge Mario Bergoglio. The reporter ... Read More »


In the 90s, electronic music develops rapidly. In the exciting Parisian nightlife, the young Paul takes his first steps as a DJ. Read More »

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

Narra la historia del “secuestro más famoso del siglo”: en 1983, el magnate de la cerveza Alfred Henry Heineken es secuestrado, junto con su chófer, por una banda que exige 50 millones de dólares por su libertad. Read More »

Ella y él

In this romantic drama, Vanessa Saba Giovanni Ciccia and they play a couple of adults who refuse to stop being young, are known and although they fall in love. An intimate and minimal story that follows the line of films couples in which the dialogue prevail. Read More »

Non è mai troppo tardi

In 1946, Alberto Manzi after returning from the war looking for work as a teacher, not an easy task because it lacks recommendations. Finally found a job that nobody wants, as a teacher in a reform of the city. Your students are not interested in learning and Alberto will have to earn their trust. Read More »

Los exiliados románticos

Three friends embark on a journey without apparent reason, just looking for the idyllic love meeting yet ephemeral, with the sole mission of surprised themselves and continue to feel alive. Some might say that this is the last ships burning of youth, while others speak of the decline of the male gender. Read More »

Los héroes del mal

Three teenagers suffering abuse and humiliation of their fellow class decide to join a vengeance. But what begins as an act of freedom in self-defense becomes a spiral of violence which can not escape. What can be done against a minor criminal age? Read More »

La navaja de Don Juan

This is the story of two brothers whose relationship is defined from a set of forces and a party where the least of which expects to lose her virginity. But as events unfold, the boys must overcome rivalries that after a fight, things will soon spiral out of control.   Read More »