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La historia de Jan

The unexpected news that Jan had Down syndrome, caused his father put to blog and to record your child in order to share and to overcome their fears. The documentary tells a story from the privacy of overcoming and acceptance. Through the sense of humor, effort and love for Jan, her parents seek to normalize and give visibility to the ... Read More »

El choque de dos mundos

In this tense and absorbing film, the audience is placed in the firing line directly in front of two powerful forces: On one side is President Alan Garcia, who, eager to enter the world stage, begins aggressively extracting oil, minerals and gas in the Amazon indigenous land that had remained intact; while on the other hand, the indigenous leader Alberto ... Read More »

La fidelidad

The story of a land that was the cradle of an original ethnic group, which crossed the bloody delusions of conquest, the foundational faith of Argentina in formation. Read More »

Todo comenzó por el fin

Self-portrait Group of Cali, also known as “Caliwood” a group of moviegoers, who in the midst of unbridled rumba and the historic chaos of the 70s and 80s, managed to produce a series of films that are a fundamental part of the history of Colombian cinema. In turn, it is the medical history of the own director, who became ill ... Read More »

Allende mi abuelo allende

Marcia, granddaughter of Salvador Allende, the first democratic socialist president who was overthrown by the army in September 1973, aims to rebuild personal and familiar image of his grandfather buried by history, exile and the pain of his family. Acute and closer look, trying to break the familiar silence held for decades. Read More »

Spain in a Day

Project produced by Ridley Scott and will continue its successful line of “Life in a Day”. Coordinated by Isabel Coixet, the goal is that on October 24 anyone can record a clip reflecting their day to day and send it to the official website of the project. Coixet and her team of writers select the best and create a documentary ... Read More »

Márama – Rombai: El Viaje

It started as a game of friends and became a dream come true. “The trip” reflects the dizzying tour of the members of Marama and Rombai, a path marked by success, sacrifice, responsibility and how it affects their lives and those of their families. A group of young people from different neighborhoods that some in college and others are known ... Read More »


A documentary about the construction of the National Monument to the victims of the Jewish Holocaust putting on dialogue to Holocaust survivors living in the City of Buenos Aires with the construction of the architectural work, passing different stories to get one: the need to keep the memory of one of the most atrocious events in the history of humanity ... Read More »

El francesito

More than one survey says that Argentina is one of the countries with psychoanalysts in the world. In this documentary, investigates Kohan like Sherlock Holmes how the work of Enrique Pichon-Rivière caused such a phenomenon.? Read More »