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The idyllic life of Ozzy, a friendly and peaceful beagle who grew up in cotton wool by the Martin family, going to overturn. When her family can not take a long trip away from home, you settle on what they think is the best canine spa, Blue Creek. But the perfect picture of the place turns out to be a ... Read More »

Treintona, soltera y fantástica

After rejecting the marriage proposal from her boyfriend tasteless, Agnes, a writer, takes his new bachelorhood to redefine itself as an independent, modern and self-sufficient woman. Although the rapid success of his “# BuscandoaInés” column in the soon reward the new Inés newspaper, its resolution is challenged by a family that considered “meeting” friends aseñoradas that no longer have room ... Read More »

El tiempo de los monstruos

Victor, who claims to have filmed some movies that have not got brand new, gather around his deathbed to his most faithful collaborators, in order to represent his posthumous work. His wife Clara, a woman rich in search of its own identity; Andrea, an actress who arrives accompanied by her dentist; Raul, his faithful screenwriter and friend, who came accompanied ... Read More »


Consider what lies behind the organization that organizes shipments storks babies to parents around the world. Feature debut of Doug Sweetland, head of Pixar short Presto. Read More »

La valija de Benavidez

Benavidez is a professor of plastic, married with a young promise of painting. One night discussed and loads his bag and goes to seek asylum at the house of his psychiatrist, also art collector. The next day he discovers the secret that hides this place: a residence of artists who participate in a treatment designed to expand your creative spectrum. ... Read More »

La peor de mis bodas

Maricielo is an impish selling party goods being tempted by the son of a millionaire to impersonate the best wedding planner in Lima and thus ruin the marriage of his father with his silly girlfriend. Read More »

Cuerpo de Élite

Action comedy which presents the Elite Corps, Spanish secret service that would be the equivalent of the CIA in the United States or MI6 in Britain. After the tragic death of its members, the body recruits a new group of agents that should give a terrorist madman who has made an old submerged pump on the beach in Palomares (Almería) ... Read More »

No manches Frida

Inspired by the German film F * ck You, Goethe (2013), tells the story of bank robber Zeki Alcantara, played by Omar Chaparro, who leaves prison determined to recover money buried in a vacant lot; on the site they have raised the gymnasium of a school called Frida Kahlo and Zeki accepts a substitute teacher work with the teacher Lucy, ... Read More »

Café Society

Los Angeles, 30s, Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), nephew of a powerful Hollywood agent and producer (Steve Carell), falls for the pretty secretary (Kristen Stewart) his uncle. Read More »