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The Last Witch Hunter

New franchise producer Summit Entertainment (Twilight saga). Tells the story of a breed of witch hunters, focusing on the last one, which keeps the population of witches and wizards at bay in the city of New York. Read More »

Unfinished Business

The owner of a small business that just created (Vince Vaughn) and his two partners (Tom Wilkinson & Dave Franco) travel to Europe to close the biggest deal of their lives. But what begins as a simple business trip was derailed in unimaginable ways. Read More »

Sinister 2

Sequel to “Sinister” (Scott Derrickson, 2012). Due to the death of the family Oswalt and daughter she disappeared if any killed (in the first film), a young mother and her twin sons move to a rural house that is marked by death itself. Read More »

Hitman: Agent 47

“Agent 47” centers on a murderer elite that has been genetically altered to be turned into a perfect killing machine, and which is known by the last two digits of your code, tatutado in the neck: “47”. Your goal is to end up with a mega-corporation that plans to unveil the secrets of his secret organanización. To do this, teams ... Read More »

Strange Magic

Musical inspired by “The Dream of a Summer Night” by William Shakespeare which includes popular songs of the last 60 years. It tells the story of a large group of goblins, elves and fairies fighting each other to get a magic potion. Read More »


Amy (Amy Schumer) is a woman who is highly suspicious of men, and the influence of his father since childhood opposed to monogamy. So when a sympathetic doctor, Aaron (Bill Hader), asks her out a second time, Amy is paralyzed. Read More »

Kubo and the Two Strings

The film takes us to a fantastic Japan where the young Kubo his peaceful life is disrupted when a spirit of the past comes back for revenge. The only chance of Kubo is to find a magic armor that was once owned by his father, “the greatest samurai that the world has known.” Read More »

The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is actually a collection of stories. Anyway, the first eight are part of the same story. It begins when, fleeing the attack of Shere Khan (a huge and ferocious Bengal tiger and the main villain of the book), a human couple loses her young son. This appears in the cave of a family of wolves who not ... Read More »

Suicide Squad

Oliver prepares for battle against Slade now that you know your goal is to destroy their loved ones. Sara tries to help but fear for their safety, Oliver away. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller recruits for a mission Diggle ARGUS and involving a person who met while serving in Afghanistan. Diggle agrees but is shocked when she meets the rest of -Tigre ... Read More »


Nine years after an infection turned to the great part of humanity in wild creatures without intellect, Patrick, Jack and Lu, a girl of nine years, survive in apparent tranquility in Harmony, a forgotten corner, covered with perennial snow. But something terrible happened between Patrick and Jack and survives deep hatred between them. When the creatures reappear, Patrick and Jack ... Read More »