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Based on the true story of Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore) and Stacie Andree (Ellen Page) and their struggle for justice. A Laurel, a policewoman decorated New Jersey, is diagnosed with terminal cancer and wants to leave his pension earned for years to his domestic partner, Stacie. However, county officials, who see with good eyes the gay couple, conspire to prevent ... Read More »

Jane Got A Gun

Young Jane is married to one of the most dangerous types of the West. One day her husband returns home with 8 gunshot wounds. Bishop ruthless band has pestered. He survives, but knows it is a matter of time Bishop and his boys come to finish the job. Jane decide not wait to come and go directly to them. With ... Read More »

Ride Along 2

Ben (Kevin Hart), who works as a security guard of a school, spent two years trying to prove the highly decorated detective James (Ice Cube) to your video game addiction does not prevent him to live up to Angela (Tika Sumpter), sister the police. After the police academy accept Ben, it is convinced that this has already earned the respect ... Read More »

Triple 9

“Triple Nine” is a police code that means immediate help. A group of criminals and corrupt cops in Los Angeles plan to activate this alert to divert the attention of the police towards the other end of the city where they are perpetrating a big robbery. Read More »

Mother’s Day

cross on Mother’s Day stories. Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a woman of strong personality struggling to maintain sanity and her role as mother when her ex marries another woman younger than herself. Miranda (Julia Roberts) is a star presenter of a major TV network unmarried and without compromise. The professional life smiles and thinks he has everything. By contrast Jesse ... Read More »

Secret In Their Eyes

Two FBI investigators with a close relationship, Ray and Jess, are relieved of his post, along with the Supervisor District Attorney Claire when teenage daughter Jess appears brutally murdered. Thirteen years later, after searching tirelessly every day the murderer, Ray finally finds a clue to solve the case … Remake of “The Secret in Their Eyes” (2009). Read More »

The Invitation

Will y Eden perdieron a su hijo años atrás. La tragedia afectó su relación de forma irreversible, hasta el punto de que ella desapareció de la noche a la mañana. Un día, Eden regresa a la ciudad; se ha vuelto a casar y en ella parece haber cambiado algo, convirtiéndola en una presencia inquietante e irreconocible incluso para Will. Read More »

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

Long before being stabbed and apparently overcome by Snow White, the evil Queen Ravenna (Theron) he witnessed how his sister Freya (Blunt) suffered a heartbreaking betrayal and fled the kingdom. Using his ability to freeze any enemy, young Ice Queen Freya has now been decades in the distant Winter palace forming a legion of deadly hunters, which counts among its ... Read More »

Central Intelligence

A lethal agent of the CIA (Johansson), a victim of bullying in his teens, returns home to attend a school reunion. With the excuse of working on a secret case, enlists the help of popular boy in school years (Hart), which is now a boring accountant and lives pining for his glory years. For when the poor clerk realizes the ... Read More »