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El olivo

Alma is a girl of 20 years who greatly loves his grandfather, who has spent years without speaking. When the old man also refuses to eat, the girl decides to recover the ancient tree that the family sold against their will. To this company embarks his uncle, a man affected by the crisis, his friend Rafa and all the people. ... Read More »

La noche que mi madre mató a mi padre

Isabel is torn between his need to feel valued professionally as an actress, her insecurities, her fear of aging, her coquetry, their contradictions, their intelligence and anxiety. It all comes together one night in which lsabel is to host a special dinner: her husband Angel, screenwriter, and Susanna, the former wife of Angel, film director, want to convince the Argentine ... Read More »

La punta del iceberg

A large multinational company is shaken by the suicide of three of its employees. Sofia Cuevas (Maribel Verdu), a senior official of the company, is responsible for carrying out an internal report to try to clarify what happened. In his meetings with the workers will discover abuses of power, lies and a sickly covert work environment. Read More »

Rumba Tres, de ida y vuelta

Documentary reviewing 55 years of experience of a group that has been everything in the world of Rumba: Rumba Tres. A film that tries to discover this group a generation that completely ignores not only the enormous musical quality of these musicians and their international reach, but the human personality behind its components, Joan and Pere Capdevila brothers and Pepe ... Read More »


Two brothers meet again after five years. One has been in jail. The other has stolen a dangerous fence and now runs away with Diana, her young daughter. The three embark on a journey by a violent Andalusia, mythical, rugged and wild. A journey in which old wounds appear and in which the brothers are forced to reconcile himself to ... Read More »

Lobos sucios

Manuela (Marian Alvarez) is a mining rejected for being half -meiga- witch, but able to embark on a theft from the Nazis for trying to heal his sick daughter. For his Candela (Manuela Velles) part is his little sister, who accompanies him in this great adventure, in which they show that two Galician mining could change the course of history ... Read More »


Julieta lives in Madrid with her daughter Antía. Both suffer in silence Xoan loss, father and husband Antía Juliet. But sometimes the pain does not unite people but between them. When Antía eighteenth birthday abandons his mother, without any explanation. Juliet seeks it by all means, but all he finds is how little he knows about his daughter. Read More »

El pregón

They swore that never faces can not be but for a reasonable amount of money, are willing to make an exception. The Osorio, forgotten glories of electronic music with Supergalactic group 90 years later brothers have bottomed out, totally forgotten. When we hire to go together to give the opening speech in his hometown they not imagine that they are ... Read More »

Tots els camins de Déu

It tells the story of the last three days in the life of a contemporary Judas, a man who flees his own guilt after betraying his best friend. Choked by his guilt, he enters the forest where he will meet with a mysterious young man who will accompany him in his repentance, which will help you deal with your feelings, ... Read More »