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Three of the characters, Lima, premiered a film in theaters with total failure. The billboard was taken from just one week for the few spectators. One day they heard about the traveling film and they thought it might be a way to bring his beloved to “uncontaminated” by the Hollywood film locations. With this idea they hire Beto, an Argentine ... Read More »


It tells the story of calichin Delgado a crestfallen Peruvian footballer who had every opportunity to succeed but not able to take advantage. You now have the opportunity to return to football to try to recover the glory and her little daughter. Read More »

Siete semillas

Ignacio Rodriguez is the successful manager of a company, founded many years ago by his father. Absorbed in the work, he has forgotten his wife and son; its absence is already routine for your family. His bad temper in the office, in addition to disagreements with its partners, creates an inevitable business and personal crisis, ending Ignacio leading to the ... Read More »

El choque de dos mundos

In this tense and absorbing film, the audience is placed in the firing line directly in front of two powerful forces: On one side is President Alan Garcia, who, eager to enter the world stage, begins aggressively extracting oil, minerals and gas in the Amazon indigenous land that had remained intact; while on the other hand, the indigenous leader Alberto ... Read More »

No estamos solos

A family, Matthew, Monica and Sofia 8 years, move into a house on the outskirts of Lima. From the first night, the girl is haunted by frightening. These harassments become increasingly violent and disruptive, so they require the help of a priest who try to help without imagining the consequences. Read More »

La peor de mis bodas

Maricielo is an impish selling party goods being tempted by the son of a millionaire to impersonate the best wedding planner in Lima and thus ruin the marriage of his father with his silly girlfriend. Read More »

Hasta que la Suegra nos separe

Lucho and Jenny are a married couple middle class who is expecting a child. Lucho works in a restaurant and is fired, forced to live in the house of his mother seeing. Coexistence is impossible, and her mother is extremely nosy. Amid all I struggle suffers a blow to the head and that product has a conversation with his late ... Read More »

Así nomás

  Three friends decide to make a zombie movie without money, and have to ideárselas to achieve it. Thus they come to get a surprise result: a film to laugh from start to finish and leaves a teaching overcoming obstacles to life. Read More »


Sebastian is a chef returns to his hometown to care for her mother Carmen, who has fallen ill. The relationship between mother and child was never good, had been many years since the last time they spoke. On the other hand, Sebastian revives the past with his exenamorada Lucia, discovering he has a son with her for 9 years. Suddenly ... Read More »