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Un padre no tan padre

When Don Servando Villegas (85), a good old Mexican patriarch is expelled from his retirement home, his younger son, Francisco, takes him with him. Don Servando is about to discover the truth about his son and his way of life. Read More »

Tamara and the Ladybug

It narrates the journey of two women who are blurred in their solitude and invisibility and who will have to live beyond what they expected, and find one in the other a space where they are not outcasts, where they are needed. It is a story in which the characters will discover, in their mistakes and their condition, a way ... Read More »


Evaristo Jimenez is a renowned fashion designer whose dream is to bring his clothing brand to international fame, but his empire will be threatened by the possibility that the whole world will discover his addiction to women, something that his millions of fans They would never forgive. Read More »

KM 31: Sin retorno

Siete años después de haber estado envuelto en los casos del kilómetro 31, el oficial Martín Ugalde (Carlos Aragón) es llamado para investigar una serie de desapariciones de niños en los alrededores de las avenidas Río Mixcoac y Río Churubusco en la Ciudad de México. Al poco tiempo, hay una cuenta de que tienen un lazo muy particular con los ... Read More »

El Jeremías

Es la historia de un niño brillante, inadaptado y pesimista, que tras enterarse de que es un genio, lucha por salir adelante a pesar de la ignorancia y los escasos recursos de su familia. Con sólo ocho años de edad, tiene que adelantar la decisión más difícil de su vida: ¿Qué quiere ser de grande? Read More »

Llévate mis amores

An intimate approach to The Bosses, a group of Mexican women who since 1995 prepared food every day and throw migrants traveling on the freight train Beast, which travels toward the United States. A personal diary charting the frontier between life and playing live the life that is chosen; a brave and dazzling example of love and solidarity that contrasts ... Read More »

La niña de la mina

In Guanajuato, after a girl disappears inside a mine two security experts traveling from the US to conduct an inspection without suspecting that a dark legend is responsible for the brutal crimes committed within their tunnels. Read More »

Treintona, soltera y fantástica

After rejecting the marriage proposal from her boyfriend tasteless, Agnes, a writer, takes his new bachelorhood to redefine itself as an independent, modern and self-sufficient woman. Although the rapid success of his “# BuscandoaInés” column in the soon reward the new Inés newspaper, its resolution is challenged by a family that considered “meeting” friends aseñoradas that no longer have room ... Read More »


Martin and Fernando are at the reception of the building where they work. Suddenly, an earthquake buried under seven floors of concrete and twisted metal. They are 7:19 am September 19, 1985. Martin and Fernando are different universes, fate forces them to face death together; Now, more than ever, they have to tear down the borders between them. Read More »

El comienzo del tiempo

Antonio and Bertha are an elderly couple round the nineties. Their problems begin when they retire because pensions social and financial crisis in the country. Given the need to survive alone as his two sons have not seen for several years, they are on the hard need to sell their belongings, preparing street food and to steal. The life of ... Read More »