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¿Usted no sabe quién soy yo? 2

Ricardo is an amateur comedian who tries to forge a name by doing stand up comedy in several bars of Bogota. He is in a bad time because his girlfriend left him for an older and wealthy man. With his two friends, Crist (Freddy Beltrán) and Valentino (Iván Marín), will begin a journey of lies. Read More »

El paseo 4

This year, the Rubio family goes to Miami. Beach, breeze and sea with pot walk included. So it is the style of this picturesque family that by chance the destination has the opportunity to travel to Miami. Finally they will spend holidays in another place different from their dear Sasaima. Soon Miami will receive these enthusiastic tourists full of patriotism ... Read More »

Agente Ñero Ñero

When a national crisis erupts when a prestigious kidnapped nuclear scientist, the CIA, the service most professional secret agents in the country, instructs its best men to avoid disaster. Read More »


Manuel Rico is a widower and lives with her three children: Javi, Barbara and Charly in the family mansion located in the savannah of Bogota. Manuel has consented to their children too to compensate for the absence of her mother but has also been a somewhat absent father for his professional obligations. Overwhelmed by the troubles have raised three irresponsible ... Read More »


Mariana, the eternal love of Willington, is getting married to René cousin Willington. Willington while trying to recover it, the rumor of a thief on the sidewalks and a series of violent deaths that recall old times of fear, endanger the new family of Mariana. Read More »

El coco

A death, a heritage and a lonely mansion will make Piroberta and his friends are in a dark nightmare, where they will be pursued by a fear with which every child grew: COCONUT. However, far from being frightened and escape, they decide heroically confront the evil presence that has taken hold of the house and is not about to be ... Read More »

Todo comenzó por el fin

Self-portrait Group of Cali, also known as “Caliwood” a group of moviegoers, who in the midst of unbridled rumba and the historic chaos of the 70s and 80s, managed to produce a series of films that are a fundamental part of the history of Colombian cinema. In turn, it is the medical history of the own director, who became ill ... Read More »

Oscuro animal

The story of a journey of three women who must escape the harassment of the Colombian war. Each on its own undertake a journey in search of tranquility. Once arrived to Bogota, they will take a break to face the new course of their lost lives. Read More »

Desde allá

In the restive Caracas, Armando (50), owner of a laboratory dentures, young men looking at bus stops and offers them money to accompany him home in order to watch them. also it has a habit of spying on a man older: know where you live, what places he visits; among them there is a link back to the past. One ... Read More »

Los Nadie

Love, hate, broken promises and five brothers known street in the middle of a hostile city. The one, young people united by wanderlust, found in street art and music, the place of refuge and an opportunity to escape.   Read More »