TV Series

The Invisible Man

TV series. 26 episodes. It is not easy being a teen superhero: Alan Crystal has to attend class, hanging out with his girlfriend and friends … while opacus must battle a villain obsessed with the idea locating him to complete an experiment that will give you the ultimate power to control our fabulous retro-futuristic, high-tech world full of spies. Cristal ... Read More »

The Greatest American Hero

TV Series (1981-1983). 43 episodes. After landing his ship into a desert, aliens delivered to Professor Ralph Hinkley a suit that gives special powers: fly, see through walls or be immune to bullets. But Hinkley loses the instruction manual, so it is not uncommon to see him flying awkwardly and screenprinted against walls and walls. Ralph wants to deliver the ... Read More »

The Philanthropist

TV series (2009). 8 episodes. Based slightly in the life of Bobby Sager, the story follows the adventures of Teddy Rist (James), who will visit the poorest places on earth, where he will try with its economic power and political influence, help different people and communities we it is establishing relationship. Read More »

Knight Rider (K.R.)

TV series (2008). One season. 17 episodes. Knight Rider 2008 is not a remake of the series of the eighties, but rather an update in the form of sequel. The protagonist is the possible son of Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), Mike Tracer, a Ranger with airs racing driver. The daughter of the creator of K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Three Thousand) learns ... Read More »

El chavo del ocho

TV Series (1972-1980; 1992). “El Chavo del Ocho” is a popular and long-lived Mexican soap opera that tells the stories of a Mexican boy of eight years (El Chavo, played by an adult) who lives in a neighborhood of Mexico City DF, and often it located in a barrel in the courtyard of the neighborhood. The program explores, comically, the ... Read More »

The West Wing

TV Series (1999-2006). 7 seasons. 156 episodes. The President of the United States of America, Democrat Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen), leading the most powerful nation in the world with devotion and conviction fervently believe that what is best for their country. The series takes place mainly in the hallways, offices and rooms of the White House, showing the intricacies of ... Read More »


TV Series (2009-2010). One season. 13 episodes. Adaptation shaped film series “The Witches of Eastwick”, in turn based on a bestseller by John Updike. It tells how, in the town of Eastwick, New Inglaterrra, a mysterious man gives powers to three very different women together; Joanna (Lindsay Price), the shy Local reporter, Kat (Jaime Ray Newman), the devoted wife and ... Read More »

Doctor Who

TV Series (2005-Present). Continuation of the legendary and long-running British series that began in 1963 and lasted until 1989. The Doctor is an adventurer who travels through time and space visiting from alien ghosts of the past to the future, from the day that the Earth died in a ball hsta fire to the universe. Read More »

Two and a Half Men

TV Series (2003-2015) 12 seasons, 262 episodes. Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is a bachelor with money who has a house on the beach and great success with women. But his casual Malibu lifestyle was abruptly interrupted when his brother Alan (Jon Cryer), very depressed about his divorce and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones), come to stay and live with ... Read More »