TV Series

The Man in the High Castle

Adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick “The Man in the High Castle”. The Axis powers (Germany and Japan) won the Second World War and now the United States is divided into three parts. Joe Blake a resistance fighter, part of German New York with a mysterious cargo to the neutral zone of Colorado. Meanwhile, in San Francisco Japanese, ... Read More »

Dueños del Paraíso

Owners of paradise is an American soap opera created by Telemundo Studios Miami in co-production with National Television of Chile, written by Pablo Illanes and located in the cities of Miami, Florida and Santiago, set for the period of 70.1 years Starring Kate del Castillo, 3 Jorge Zabaleta and José María Torre, with the antagonistic actions of Miguel Varoni, Margarita ... Read More »

Club de Cuervos

13 episodes. The patriarch of a prominent family died and his heirs fight to decide who will take over his beloved football team: the ravens of New Toledo. Egos, temperaments and balls shoot out in this installment of the director, producer and star of “We the Nobles”, gathered to give life to this, even more absurd family. Read More »

The Killing

TV series (2011-2014). 4 seasons. 44 episodes. Thriller based on the Danish series ‘Forbrydelsen’. The plot unfolds investigate the murder of a young woman from the point of view of all the characters involved, from your family and friends to the police officers in charge of the case. Read More »

Rules of Engagement

TV series (2007-2013). 7 seasons. 100 episodes. Adam (Oliver Hudson) and Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) are a young couple who are getting married. Their new neighbors, Jeff (Patrick Warburton) and Audrey (Megyn Price), have been married for a while. Russell (David Spade) is a confirmed bachelor who is not seated head … Everyone will experience different phases that can exist in ... Read More »

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Acclaimed animated series broadcast in the block Adult Swim of Cartoon Network. The series is about a shake, a meatball and a serving of potatoes that are superheroes, but really all they do is get into trouble. Read More »

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super, It has been some time after the fierce battle against Majin Boo, a land that lives in peace, however Goku and his friends return to face powerful enemies who at the moment are still unknown and that could have something to do with the gods destruction. This was located after the god of destruction and his assistant ... Read More »

The Simpsons

551 TV series episodes (1989-Present) emitting Fox since 1989. It tells the story of a peculiar family (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson) and other fun characters in the American town of Springfield. Homer, the father, is a disastrous security inspector of a nuclear plant. Marge, the mother is a housewife used to support your particular family. Bart, 10, ... Read More »