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Tots els camins de Déu

It tells the story of the last three days in the life of a contemporary Judas, a man who flees his own guilt after betraying his best friend. Choked by his guilt, he enters the forest where he will meet with a mysterious young man who will accompany him in his repentance, which will help you deal with your feelings, ... Read More »

Hay alguien ahí

TV series (2009-2010). 2 seasons. 26 episodes. A couple and their three children moved to live in a dark house, where soon see new life altered by a series of unexplained phenomena. Diego Pardo (Eduard Farelo) and its family of Clara (Sonia Castelo), Irene (Mary Cotiello), Inigo (Guillermo Barrientos) and small Ana (Monica Rodriguez) want to move house, and have ... Read More »