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El faro de las orcas

Lola travels with her autistic son, Tristán, to the end of the world to meet Beto, a guardafauna who has a very special relationship with the wild killer whales in Argentine Patagonia. Lola’s determination to fight for her son, the peculiar personality of Tristan and her relationship with nature will make their lives change forever. Read More »

La isla del viento

Portrait of Miguel de Unamuno during his exile in Fuerteventura by his opposition to the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. An analysis of the lesser of what was an experience that produced a profound transformation in the writer Bilbao. Read More »

Nadie quiere la noche (Nobody Wants the Night)

Josephine (Juliette Binoche), a rich and cultured woman, going to the North Pole to meet her husband, the explorer Robert Peary. During the trip he guides an Eskimo humble (Rinko Kikuchi). Despite their differences, both will have to unite to survive the harsh climate of the tundra. Read More »