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Assassin’s Creed

Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) revives the adventures of Aguilar, an ancestor of his who lived in Spain in the 15th century thanks to a revolutionary technology that allows access to genetic memories. Thus he discovers that he is descended from a mysterious secret organization, the Assassins, and possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to confront the powerful and fearful organization ... Read More »

Hands of Stone

Biopic about the Panamanian boxer Roberto “Hands of Stone” Duran, who is widely recognized as the best lightweight of all time, and also rated by many as one of the greatest Latin American boxers and one of the best pound for pound boxing history. Read More »

Elvira, te daría mi vida pero la estoy usando

One night, Gustavo, husband of Elvira, goes out to buy cigarettes. He never returns. Elvira, 40 and mother of two children, began a tireless search for the love of his life. The tracks lead to the conclusion that her husband has kept a secret relationship. The unfortunate discovery will not stop in its mission to find it. Read More »

Falsos Profetas: La Historia de Gonzalez

It focuses on the life of Gonzalez, a solitary man living in the world’s largest city, and is desperate to stay afloat and end up with all your debts. Gonzalez found in religion possible to overcome all problems. But now, in what is becoming ended this man? In a false prophet who sought only to take advantage of people’s faith? ... Read More »

Hay alguien ahí

TV series (2009-2010). 2 seasons. 26 episodes. A couple and their three children moved to live in a dark house, where soon see new life altered by a series of unexplained phenomena. Diego Pardo (Eduard Farelo) and its family of Clara (Sonia Castelo), Irene (Mary Cotiello), Inigo (Guillermo Barrientos) and small Ana (Monica Rodriguez) want to move house, and have ... Read More »