Hay alguien ahí


TV series (2009-2010). 2 seasons. 26 episodes. A couple and their three children moved to live in a dark house, where soon see new life altered by a series of unexplained phenomena. Diego Pardo (Eduard Farelo) and its family of Clara (Sonia Castelo), Irene (Mary Cotiello), Inigo (Guillermo Barrientos) and small Ana (Monica Rodriguez) want to move house, and have my eye on one in a development seemingly idyllic, with a big house and nice. It features bright rooms and a garden with pool. But while Diego closes the deal with the housing to move his family to the home of their dreams, the workers are responsible for the finishing touches to the renovated housing. That’s when something unexpected happens and from inside the pit that is in the basement, a supernatural force takes its first victim. Oblivious to what happened, the family makes the move with all its hopes for a better life and above all quieter. However, the presences who dwell in the house occur early …


Title: Hay alguien ahí
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