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Despite the Falling Snow

1950, Moscow. Katya is an American spy in full arms race of the Cold War. When assigned his most important mission, to get secret information from the promising young Russian government Alexander, the last thing you expect is going to fall for him. Trying to reconcile his passion for him with his rejection of communism will make May? R of ... Read More »


A couple trying to conceive a baby despite some drawbacks: it has a poor, lazy and abnormal sperm and she is in premenopausal … with only 37 years! Read More »

The Fifth Wave

After a planned alien invasion of Earth in 4 waves has finished almost all of humanity, young Cassie Sullivan tries to find her little brother while trying to survive along with other survivors. Read More »

No estamos solos

A family, Matthew, Monica and Sofia 8 years, move into a house on the outskirts of Lima. From the first night, she is haunted by frightening. These harassment are becoming more violent and disruptive, so they require the help of a priest who try to help without imagining the consequences. Read More »

The Alienist

El Alienista se ambienta a finales del siglo XVIII en la ciudad de Nueva York y gira en torno a la búsqueda de un asesino en serie con nuevos métodos como las huellas digitales y la psicología. La primera víctima de asesinato es un inmigrante de 13 años de edad al que le han quitado los ojos, quitados sus genitales ... Read More »


TV series. A journey through the music industry, in New York in the 70s spurred by drugs and sex. In the dawn of punk, hip hop and disco, Richie Finestra, president of a major record label, trying to save his company and his soul without destroying anyone in his path. Series produced by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger among others. Read More »


Follow agnostic Roman centurion with a mission to investigate the disappearance of the body of Jesus Christ and the growing rumors about the resurrection of the Messiah. Read More »

Kubo and the Two Strings

The film takes us to a fantastic Japan where the young Kubo his peaceful life is disrupted when a spirit of the past comes back for revenge. The only chance of Kubo is to find a magic armor that was once owned by his father, “the greatest samurai that the world has known.” Read More »