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The priest Poveda had a full life enlightened by faith and love making a significant socio work in the caves of Guadix with the poor laborers living in ignorance and poverty. Asturias and later moved to Jaen, he launches a pioneering initiative trusting young women their educational project and founding the Teresian Association. Read More »

Cien años de perdón

One rainy morning. Six men dressed and armed assault the headquarters of a bank in Valencia. What looked like a clean and simple theft soon becomes complicated, and nothing will go as planned. This causes distrust and confrontation between the two leaders of the band, “The Uruguayan” and “El Gallego”. But what exactly they are looking for raiders? Read More »

The Forest

Sara is an American girl searching for her missing twin sister in Aokigahara forest at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. Despite warnings from around the world to keep out in the woods, she ends up going to discover the truth about what happened and find out the fate of her sister. However, it will have to face tormented ... Read More »

Tenemos que hablar

Nuria (Michelle Jenner) has everything to be happy: a good job, a wonderful home and a perfect boyfriend who has just asked marriage. It has everything, except for one small detail: the divorce papers from his former partner, Jorge (Hugo Silva). George, however, has nothing to be happy: you are unemployed, your house is falling apart and has no girlfriend. ... Read More »

Fifty Shades of Black

Hannah recibe el charge of interviewing the un joven empresario Christian Black. La inexperta innocent chica intends olvidarlo, pero ready comprehends Cuánto le desea. Cuando la pareja por fin starts apasionada una relación y desenfrenada, Hannah sorprende by them peculiar erotic practices of Black, al tiempo that descubre them límites sus propios y más oscuros deseos. Parody 50 shades of ... Read More »

La corona partida

Narrating what happened after the death of Isabel the Catholic and uncertain times that were experienced by the power struggle between Ferdinand and Philip the Fair whose main victim was Juana la Loca, legitimate heir. Read More »

Kung Fu Panda 3

Third film “Kung Fu Panda” series, in which Po will face two epic challenges: one of supernatural origin; the other, very close to home, with the appearance of claiming to be his biological father. Read More »

Hail, Caesar!

In the Hollywood of the 50s, one of the major studios intend to do a Roman blockbuster starring a big star (Clooney), but the actor is kidnapped during filming. Read More »

How to Be Single

There is a right way to be single or unmarried wrong way … and another style of Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David. New York City is full of lonely hearts looking for a soul mate, either to share their love for flirting or for something in between the two. And somewhere between the suggestive conversations and one night ... Read More »