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El pregón

They swore that never faces can not be but for a reasonable amount of money, are willing to make an exception. The Osorio, forgotten glories of electronic music with Supergalactic group 90 years later brothers have bottomed out, totally forgotten. When we hire to go together to give the opening speech in his hometown they not imagine that they are ... Read More »

El soborno del cielo

Late sixties. A provincial town. Life goes on peacefully until the suicide of Aimer Zapata comes to disturb everything. The new pastor, very intransigent, refusing to give a Catholic burial suicide. The family of the deceased, very religious, challenges the authority of the priest and Aimer buries in the churchyard. Furious, the pastor stop administering any sacrament while not changing ... Read More »

Como ser soltera

There are many ways of being single, but Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David’s special. New York is a city full of lonely hearts looking for his soulmate. And anywhere between suggestive conversations and one night stands, what these bachelors have in common is the need to know how to be single in a world where love is continually ... Read More »

Super Shore

Super Shore is a reality show that by the chain MTV Spain is transmitted and MTV Latinoamerica which follows the daily lives of nine young people who intend to spend the summer living together in different parts of southern Europe, starting with the first season by city Madrid and the Greek island of Mykonos. It is another Spanish adaptation of ... Read More »

The Choice

Travis Barker has everything a man could want and like to enjoy life to the fullest, but there is something that refuses to try: love. That will change when it appears in your life Gabby Holland, a pediatric assistant who just moved into the house next door. Read More »

Una noche de amor

Leonel and Paula are married 12 years and have two children. He is a writer, she is a psychologist and do well in their jobs. It is a couple that works: love their children, love their children, share tastes and ways of seeing life. But love? The fun? The passion? Tonight decide to leave the boys alone and stay to ... Read More »

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

In an alternate universe to the British Regency of 1819, a plague of zombies invade the quiet English town of Meryton. Bennet with her sisters have been trained by his father in martial arts and weapons to fight the armies of undead, and will have to fight this threat, and at the same time prevent the arrival of the haughty ... Read More »