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Spain in a Day

Project produced by Ridley Scott and will continue its successful line of “Life in a Day”. Coordinated by Isabel Coixet, the goal is that on October 24 anyone can record a clip reflecting their day to day and send it to the official website of the project. Coixet and her team of writers select the best and create a documentary ... Read More »

El hombre de las mil caras

Francisco Paesa (Eduard Fernandez), a former secret agent of the Spanish government, responsible for the most important operation against ETA history, is involved in an extortion case during the crisis of the GAL and has to flee the country. When you return years later he is ruined. In such circumstances, is visited by Luis Roldán (Carlos Santos), former Director General ... Read More »

Tarde para la ira

Madrid, August 2007. Curro enters prison after participating in the robbery of a jewelry store. Eight years later leaves prison wanting to start a new life with his girlfriend Ana and her son, but will encounter an unexpected situation and an unknown: Joseph, who will take you to embark on a strange journey where together ghosts will face the past ... Read More »

Captain Fantastic

Ben (Viggo Mortensen) is a father who has spent ten years living in the remote forest to the Pacific Northwest raising their six children. However, one day the family must abandon their way of life in nature and back to civilization. Assimilate their new situation and adapt back to modern society is not going to be anything but simple. Read More »

Free State of Jones

Tells the true story of the southern farmer Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) and his extraordinary armed revolt against the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. Tired of fighting for the interests of the richest, Knight defected, allied with other small farmers and with the help of local slaves, led an uprising that led to Jones County in Mississippi to ... Read More »


Consider what lies behind the organization that organizes shipments storks babies to parents around the world. Feature debut of Doug Sweetland, head of Pixar short Presto. Read More »


An FBI agent tracks down a bank robber whose mutiny is the habit of donating to charity. During the investigation, the agent discovers that the director of one bank (Willis) has concealed somehow thieves, creating great confusion in the case. Read More »

The neon demon

An aspiring model is trapped in a world of beauty and death. . In the words of its director, the plot “will take place in Miami and there will be lots of sex” film legend reads: “The Wicked Die Young” (The wicked die young). Read More »