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Mexican Gangster

Although the form of fiction, The cheapest is based on the life of Alfredo Rios Galeana, the most prolific bank robber in the history of Mexico. His rounds, his personality, leakage and long and intense relationship he had with one who finally managed to stop the film make this fascinating portrait of a criminal legend.   Read More »


My grandfather was a Tabasco who fought with Pancho Villa, became master mason, deputy 3 times Oaxaca and president of the National Association of Charros. In 1942 he formed “The Legion of Mexican fighters,” a grouping of 100, 000 charros who trained to repel a possible Nazi invasion of Mexico. The success story that it had harbored a secret that ... Read More »

Muerte en Arizona

A futuristic film about a lost love and the story of a wounded civilization of death. An autobiographical portrait of a man who returns to his former partner empty apartment, in a dark Bolivian city, in search of answers. Read More »

The Forger

Released from prison so he can spend time with her dying son (Tye Sheridan), an expert forger of art (John Travolta) is required to participate in a major robbery at a museum. Read More »

Los ausentes

A poor man into his seventies he lives alone in his house near the beach, in southern Mexico. It does not have the title to the house, and a foreigner claims as his. The man attending the hearing to resolve the conflict, but nothing is solved. While all this happens, he begins to lose his mind. Memories of his past ... Read More »

Gemma Bovery

Adaptación de la novela gráfica de Posy Simmonds que cuenta la historia de Gemma Tate (Gemma Arterton), una joven casada que empezará a dudar entre sus deseos y obligaciones como esposa, cuando su antiguo novio Patrick (Mel Raido) regrese al pequeño pueblo normando donde viven. Read More »


Attempts of a fishing boat carrying illegal immigrants end up in a catastrophe that will take the crew to insanity Read More »

La French (The Connection)

1975. Pierre Michel is a young magistrate who has just been transferred to Marseille to help in the fight against organized crime. He decides to attack the French Connection, an operation Mafia heroin exported worldwide. Without hearing the warnings, Pierre leads a crusade against Gaëtan Zampa, untouchable godfather. But soon he will understand that to get results, you must change ... Read More »

Game Over

A young man becomes a soldier following his dream. But the real war is bored and comes home to face a family crisis caused by war. Only when you realize that reality is not like in the movies, you will be able to mature. (Documenta Madrid) Read More »


Tells the story of Walter Mann, an actor who is fighting a battle between his inner light and darkness, through a journey in which one of the two poles will eventually prevail. Read More »