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Time Out of Mind

George (Richard Gere) is a man in full personal decadence that is forced to go to a shelter for “homeless” in New York. There, without resources of any kind and forced to beg on the street, you should he face his new situation with the help of Dixon, a veteran who helps you to resume the relationship with his daughter ... Read More »

La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

For several months between 1978 and 1979, residents of a quiet district on the outskirts of Paris lived in terror because of a maniac who was engaged in murdering girls. Surprisingly, the murderer escapes with ease raids and traps that tends police. Read More »

The Salvation

United States. 1870. By killing the man who murdered his entire family, John awakens the fury of the leader Delarue. The peaceful pioneer no longer has the support of the cowardly and corrupt inhabitants of the village will have to seek the criminal on his own. Will he be able to return to the people their soul? Read More »

Juana a los 12

Juana going to an English school of Buenos Aires. After the concern of their teachers for poor performance, his mother began to seek outside help. Juana Lidia academic and social challenges with apparent indifference while transiting an age of great uncertainty. Read More »


After a personal crisis Cristina Cuernavaca returns to his home after seven years of absence. His deceased parents have left the home of his childhood to his older brother, Mauricio, who lives with his girlfriend (Elda) twenty years younger than him. Feeling displaced, Cristina struggles to regain its former space inside the house and affection of his brother removing old ... Read More »


In the summer of 1987 in a town of Cordova, two teenage sisters, Elena and Lucia, they are alone at home. The child is plastered with relish and annoying his older sister, who thinks way out of that town, to study and to live differently, beyond the small town gossip club, bar the village of motitos and the pool and ... Read More »

En la estancia

Jesus Vallejo and his son Juan Diego are the only two remaining inhabitants in the village of La Estancia. The peace and quiet of their lives is altered when a cameraman arrives to film a documentary about two lonely men. A close relationship is forged between the three, but it lasts only a few days, until the documentary must return ... Read More »


With 93, Iris Apfel takes to be a favorite of the New York fashion scene and art for decades with his creativity, his passion and his unique personality. Read More »

La fórmula del doctor Funes

Martin, a child of the century, discovered with a telescope Dr. Funes, inventor of the formula for turning young, envy Dr. Moebius will also want to rejuvenate. Martin visit the old Funes but instead finds Paul, twelve, and refuge in his home without telling their parents. Paul makes the biology teacher in a girl pacifier and a group of elders ... Read More »

El Perro Molina

Antonio Molina is a criminal declining trying to hold at all costs respect for friendship and word. The love drama commissioner Ibañez and his beautiful wife Natalia, who commits himself to prostitution and contrary to the will of her husband, involves Molina in a tragedy of proportions for which no one can be prepared. Read More »