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Ich seh, Ich seh

It is midsummer, and twin brothers wait patiently for his mother to return home after a plastic surgery operation. When it reaches the fully shown bandaged face cold, distant and obsessive. The change in his personality make kids wonder if the woman is really her mother or is a impostor. Read More »

Im Keller

The film tries to describe the relationship that the Austrians have with their basements, and to define the peculiarities of Austrian basements … or if it is true that such features exist. Read More »

Pas son genre

The film recounts the meeting between a Parisian philosophy professor destined for one year at a center in a rural area and a young hairdresser without intellectual pretension that will eventually become his mistress.   Read More »


During her alemana ocupación the Netherlands, en 1943 en plena World War II, Tuur y Lambert son los mejores friends. Sin del all be aware la situación en su pequeña ciudad living, juegan a la guerra por el bosque y van al college con apparent normalidad. Pero eso va all ready to change, entre otras cosas por la llegada de ... Read More »


In January 2013, Laura Poitras began to receive encrypted e-mails signed by one “Citizenfour”, which claimed to have evidence of illegal surveillance programs run by the NSA in collaboration with other intelligence agencies worldwide. Five months later, along with journalists and Ewen MacAskill Glenn Greenwald he flew to Hong Kong for the first of many encounters with an anonymous man ... Read More »


Aria, a girl of 9 years, has to face separation from their parents. She feels that nobody wants, amid fighting and neglected by her stepsisters … Wander the streets with her bag and her black cat. And try to preserve their innocence despite despair. Read More »

Carmín tropical

It is the story of a return, Mabel to his hometown to find the murderer of her friend Danielle. A trip through nostalgia, love and betrayal in a place where transvestism charged at the time an unusual dimension. Read More »

Plemya (The Tribe)

A deaf teenager admitted to a special boarding school where, to survive, must be part of a savage organization, “tribe”, dedicated to all kinds of criminal acts. Their love for one of the concubines of the leader will take to challenge the unwritten rules in the hierarchy of the band. A film that requires no dubbing or subtitles, where all ... Read More »

Fidelio, l’odyssée d’Alice

Alice is seaworthy and is engaged to Feliz, that waiting on dry land, while she works on the old freighter. Between them the unexpected presence of an uncomfortable third insinuates, the commander Gaël is nothing less than the first great love of the young sailor. In the cabin occupied by his predecessor, who died recently on board, Alice finds a ... Read More »