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Tokyo Fiancée

Amelie is a Belgian young dreamy 20 years returns to Japan, where he spent part of his childhood. There tutoring French for a living, and that is how you will meet Rinri, his first and only student, a young Japanese man with whom will initiate a romance. Among surprises, happy moments and pitfalls in the middle of a culture shock, ... Read More »

Les souvenirs

Romain is 23 years old. He wants to be a writer, but for now is night watchman at a hotel. His father is 62 years old, is retired and everything seems to care a damn. Romain shared apartment with a boy of 24 years whose only goal in life is to seduce women, no matter who or how much it ... Read More »

El recuerdo de Marnie

Anna is a loner, no friends, who lives with his adoptive parents. One day is sent to Mr. and Mrs. Pegg. There, where the sand dunes stretch, he meets a girl named Marnie, who will soon become your best friend. Having learned a lot about friendship, Anna will realize that Marnie is not who he seems … Read More »

Cuando despierta la bestia

Marie is a young disowned by the small, enclosed coastal community where he lives. His mother is bedridden in a wheelchair, the victim of a rare disease, and her father tries to keep the two away from the eyes of the people. One day, Marie discovers that his body is beginning to change and decides to delve into the dark ... Read More »

Camino de campaña

Augustine returns to the village horizon mountains to await trial for the murder of his parents. In the same village he seeks refuge Leila, escaping from his family life in the city. In this asymmetric synchrony waiting and vanishing point, both known and begin an intense relationship that eats away the calm environment in which they intersect. Read More »


Denounces the prosecution of India, from the history of Narayan Kamble, a teacher and songwriter activist accused of inciting the suicide of a government worker. Read More »

Tots els camins de Déu

It tells the story of the last three days in the life of a contemporary Judas, a man who flees his own guilt after betraying his best friend. Choked by his guilt, he enters the forest where he will meet with a mysterious young man who will accompany him in his repentance, which will help you deal with your feelings, ... Read More »


Prequel Batman comics, centered adolescence Bruce Wayne. Defined by its makers as a kind of Smallville, it will also develop life as a cop Jim Gordon, and the link to the origin of the myth of Batman and other villains like the Penguin. Read More »


Based on true events, it tells the story of surgeon Zbigniew Religa, who made the first successful heart transplant in Poland in the 80s against the opinion of his colleagues and struggling to bring up her own clinic. Religa, by daring to transplant a human heart, broke moral, cultural and religious barriers. Read More »

Robot Overlords

Earth has been conquered by robots from a distant galaxy. Survivors are confined to their homes and are forced to wear electronic implants, the risk of being burned if they leave their homes. In the occupied Britain, cities have been devastated and a band of adolescents living on the coast with the constant threat robot. Intimidating robot sentries patrolling the ... Read More »