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Relata la vida de Bronislawa Wajs (Papusza), primera poeta gitana que recibió el reconocimiento de ver su obra publicada en Polonia. Repudiada por su propia comunidad, que la acusó de haber traicionado los secretos de su pueblo, Papusza vivió inmersa en la pobreza y la abnegación, torturada por la culpabilidad hasta su muerte en 1987. Read More »

La prepago

61 episodes (2013). Ana Lucia is a beautiful young daughter of a traditional family and Social Communication student at a prestigious university in the capital. It maintains a romance with David for some time. He is the great love of Ana Lucia and comes from a wealthy family, which owned companies and paper mills. Both live in different apartments in ... Read More »


Choose between life and death is what arises every day of his life Elvira, a young painter who after several suicide attempts has discovered the old and hazardous method of Russian roulette: a pistol with a single bullet. His life changes when he meets Sofia, a unique prostitute that shows the world from another perspective; to salmu, a blind painter ... Read More »

Orphan Black

TV Series (2013-Present). Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) is an orphan woman who witnesses the suicide of a girl who is identical to her. Sarah decided to assume his identity, bank account, and other home … only to find themselves in the midst of a tremendous conspiracy clones involved. Read More »

Orange Is the New Black

TV Series (2013-Present). Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a woman of Connecticut with a stable life and a senior executive, is arrested following a drug offense he committed a decade ago in those days took a briefcase containing drug to Alex Vause (Laura Prepon ), an old lover dealer Piper. After the trial, he was sent to prison for women in ... Read More »

La huella del doctor Ernesto Guevara

The footprint of Dr. Ernesto Guevara is based on trips through Latin America that made the young doctor in 1952-1953 with their childhood friends Alberto Granado and Carlos “Calica” Ferrer. Based on the diaries and correspondence with family and friends, the film also recalls the testimony of people who knew and accompanied throughout his life, including his brother Juan Martin ... Read More »


Warm This documentary tells the intense life of Alfonsina Storni. A polyphony of voices trying to give the impossible Account: the first person narrating Refers to the voice of the poet; his granddaughter recites from the Present; Several testimonies of his biographers explain their behaviors, attitudes SUS trends. However, the interesting thing is that nobody can give an account of ... Read More »

Kvinden i buret (The Keeper of Lost Causes)

Despues de error ONU Que le COSTO la vida de uno de Sus Colegas Y Que deja paralizado a su mejor amigo, el inspector Carl Mørck atraviesa Una de las peores Épocas de su vida. Su sentimiento de culpabilidad Aumenta CUANDO su jefe y La Prensa Dudan de su Actuación. Relegado a Un Nuevo departamento Dedicado a Casos no Resueltos, ... Read More »

Blood Ties

Chris Pierzynski has served a sentence of several years in prison for participating in a reckoning. His younger brother Frank, a police officer with a promising future ahead, it looks reluctance to release from prison. Chris and Frank have always had their pluses and minuses. His father, the only person who raised them, has always been more on the side ... Read More »