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Melissa Paredes: Does it circulate intimate photos?

While it is used to steal the attention of the media shows by her beauty and talent, in the last hours Melissa Paredes starred in dozens of mentions in social networks by spreading some his alleged intimate photos. The former member of “This is war” and current girlfriend of footballer Rodrigo Piedra Cuba has not manifested about it until recently ... Read More »

Karolina Brenes marries millionaire

Karolina Brenes

The spectacular national model Karolina Brenes became serious life because he married in a civil ceremony with businessman Carlos Alfaro, who owns several businesses in Alajuela and a sale of auto parts CYK. The nuptials were a few days ago; superprivada a ceremony with few people. The model says that no longer goes sexy in photos and let the hot ... Read More »

Another scandal surrounding Vicky Xipolitakis

icky Xipolitakis

Perez is the owner of Queen Automotive, one of four companies that are attributed to drug Luis Medina, who was killed in December 2013 by the model Justina Pérez Castelli. Justice investigation for managing the business of Medina. In addition, Perez is listed as a partner of Ariel Gustavo Spadoni, who is arrested for a drug trafficking case called “white ... Read More »

Couple video starring UACH

In social networks circulating a video where assumptions students of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua (UACH) argue sex. In response, the spokesman for the school, David Diaz, said the university authorities are investigating whether students and if indeed the scenario are using school facilities. “Right now I’m giving the task of investigating the video, to have elements and know what ... Read More »

Alumnos San Miguel


San Miguel el Grande, Tlaxiaco, Oax.- students Technical High School No. 24 in the community of San Miguel el Grande presented research on medicinal plants and their use for prevention and healing knowledge to be had in antiquity and gastronomy , native language and crafts, camp under the “Ancient Knowledge” held the weekend. A month earlier, the young investigated, wrote, ... Read More »

Andrea Araujo, promises pictures if Peru advances to semifinals

Andrea Araujo

Paraguayan model, in addition to swell by albirroja, support the Peruvian team in full America’s Cup, decided to point a sizzling promise made to the quarterfinal stage. Through social networks, she said that if ‘the team of all’ beat Bolivia, and this accomplishes his move to the semifinals of the continental tournament, will star in a hot session of naked ... Read More »

“La Fifi” Video?

La Fifi

  The video’s ‘Fifi’ has shocked Chile. This is a clip from a 14 year old having explicit sex with two boys. The case has become one of the most discussed issues in Chile. Video of ‘Fifi’ began to be shared by WhatsApp, and later viralizó on Facebook and Twitter. The name ‘Fifi’ was coined by users of social networks, ... Read More »

Andrea Cifuentes trend due to photos

Andrea Cifuentes

Which was once linked with footballer Marco “Chemo” Ruiz, Andrea sufientes model has probably been stolen from his cell because in Twitter totally naked photos leaked. In addition, the beautiful women, instagram, twitter and Facebook, showing her body in tiny clothes and even with the naked back to his closest followers. Andrea Sifuentes is a professional model and has participated ... Read More »

Cinthia Fernandez trending today

Cinthia Fernandez

In the last hours began to circulate on social networks a pornographic video which appears Cinthia Fernandez. The protagonist of the images she looks back and sees a particular tattoo: a black iguana on the right side of the waist. Coincidentally, the 2015 Dancing newly participant has the same drawing, and at the same place. Once the video viralizado, Intruders ... Read More »

And now… Daysi Araujo is trend

Daysi Araujo

Known abroad as the “wife” of the 2011 Copa America in Argentina, the Peruvian starlet Daysi Araujo, is going through a bad time because internal networks is circulating in a porn video. Through a Facebook fan page, Daysi Araujo shown through images sexsuales having relations with an unknown character. So far 20 thousand copies and has thousands of comments. As ... Read More »