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Ivana Nadal on the filtration photos

Ivana Nadal

Ivana Nadal, model and TV personality that attracts attention in perfect Escape, made news this week by becoming another victim of hackers famous who spread his intimate photos on social networks. This is some images and videos that the model sent privately to a couple two months ago and the first weekend circulated by WhatsApp and then viralizaron in different ... Read More »

Super Bowl 50

The 50th Super Bowl Super Bowl L (officially this year with Arabic numbers instead of the usual Roman numerals) 1 is the 50th edition of the Super Bowl American football, and the 46th in its modern era National Football League (NFL ). This is the championship that will decide the league champion the 2015 NFL season. The match is scheduled ... Read More »

Mireya Zamora causes controversy

Mireya Zamora causes controversy

A few days after the election of mayors, an intimate video appeared where it leaves a very pretty lady who looks very much like the candidate and exmember Mireya Zamora, San Carlos. Parallel on a Facebook account in the name of Zamora, a message is accepted that the video was intimate space with the couple and the cell that was ... Read More »

Jorge Armando Otálora: I fell in love with Dr. Cristancho

This Sunday, in an interview with Caracol News, the ombudsman, Jorge Armando Otálora, referred to the accusations of sexual harassment made by counsel, Helena Astrid Cristancbo. Was there a romance between the defender and the woman who accuses him? The official said that contrary to what Cristancho told Daniel Coronell, his relationship with the lawyer was consensual. “I held an ... Read More »

Oxxo video in Mexico

Oxxo video in Mexico

WhatsApp circulating adult video recorded at the Oxxo showing a girl undressing and then masturbating in front of the camera of your cell phone. The video of the girl in the OXXO has been sharing virally from WhatsApp to other social networks, especially Twitter, where it is easier to evade controls sex. The adult video recorded on the Oxxo lasts ... Read More »

Marina Calabró in a scandal

Marina Calabro

Again they come to light private photos of celebrities, scandalizing the audience, stealthy work of hackers. This time the renowned journalist Marina Calabro is appended to the list of famous attacked by hackers by filtering such personal photos on the internet where anyone can access. Recent affected by these personal disclosures were Florencia Peña, Silvina Luna and Annalisa Santi. Marina ... Read More »

Justin Bieber on vacation

Justin Bieber continues in scandals while on holiday in Bora Bora beside Mayeather Floyd Jr. and other friends and girlfriends. The Canadian singer now was seen totally naked while he was accompanied by the English model Jayde Pierce, who pipelining his new romantic interest. The images published by New York Daily News, Justin Bieber show no problem in leaving and entering ... Read More »

Nikki Bella victim due photomontage

Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella has recently been the victim of a photomontage which has circulated through social networks and inevitably has gone viral since the beautiful twin Bella is popular because as many know is one of the fighters of the most important and recognized WWE today. The fighter has not made statements about the company nor McMahon, however some say that ... Read More »

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband threatens to publish a video

Jennifer Lopez

February 22, 1997 Jennifer Lopez married Ojani Noa, whom he divorced in January 1998. However, nearly 18 years after the failed step, she continues to suffer her first husband. Last week Ed Meyer, a man who was defined as partner Noa, warned the imminent start on sale on DVD and through streaming services How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The Story ... Read More »

Mauricio Ochmann’s twitter was hacked

Mauricio Ochmann's twitter was hacked

And since Monday something strange happens with your account of this social network, because from his profile picture to its content, appear images of women in bikinis, and later raised the tone of publications presenting boyfriend Aislinn Derbez lying on a bed, talking on the phone and showing his genitals. Ochmann had not ruled on the matter, however, published this ... Read More »