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Nahid is a young divorcee who lives alone with her ten year old son in a town in northern Iran near the Caspian Sea. Under the rules governing the Iranian society, custody of a child rests with the father, but her ex-husband in this case it has been given on condition that not remarry. The relationship between Nahid and another ... Read More »

La loi du marché

The story of Thierry, a man of 51 years, after 20 months of unemployment, will begin a new job where he soon will face a moral dilemma: can accept anything in order to keep your job? Read More »

How to Be Single

There is a right way to be single or unmarried wrong way … and another style of Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David. New York City is full of lonely hearts looking for a soul mate, either to share their love for flirting or for something in between the two. And somewhere between the suggestive conversations and one night ... Read More »

The Boy and the World

A child who suffers from the lack of a father leaves his village and discover a fantastic world, dominated by animal-machine and strange beings. Extraordinary animated film, with many different techniques, which addresses the problems of the modern world through the eyes of a child. Read More »


The film is to star a professional motivator that helps the more people, the more drab and dull is his life; everyone seems and sounds the same. Until a girl’s voice sounds different and is willing to abandon everything and everyone to achieve happiness with her. Animated film written by Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation) in collaboration with Dan Harmon (creator Community). Read More »


Adela has just moved to Madrid with his father Claudio, a retired concert pianist and lonely life. In his quiet floor, the two taught piano lessons to young children. Quickly, Claudio focuses attention on Alicia, a student with a gift for music. Read More »

Margarita, with a Straw

Laila Kapoor is a talented 19-year-old from a middle class family in Delhi. Born with cerebral palsy, speech is unintelligible and is in a wheelchair. It is very close to her mother, Shubhangini Damle, who strives you can go to the prestigious University of Delhi. And when the heart of the girl, breaking her mother sends her to continue her ... Read More »

Plan sexenal

Mercedes fantasy becomes a nightmare. The biggest fear of John embodies a strange man who comes home. There is chaos and anarchy in the city, so it will be difficult to get ice for drinks, but tonight Mercedes is the object of desire of men and nothing else matters. Read More »