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La corona partida

Narrating what happened after the death of Isabel the Catholic and uncertain times that were experienced by the power struggle between Ferdinand and Philip the Fair whose main victim was Juana la Loca, legitimate heir. Read More »

Kung Fu Panda 3

Third film “Kung Fu Panda” series, in which Po will face two epic challenges: one of supernatural origin; the other, very close to home, with the appearance of claiming to be his biological father. Read More »

Hail, Caesar!

In the Hollywood of the 50s, one of the major studios intend to do a Roman blockbuster starring a big star (Clooney), but the actor is kidnapped during filming. Read More »

Eva no duerme

Odyssey tells the embalmed body of Eva Peron Argentina policy throughout Europe in the fifties from his death until burial in Argentina 25 years later. 1952, Eva Peron, the most loved and hated in Argentina, woman dies at 33 years old. The embalming expert anatomist without taking the slightest speck of skin, just as if asleep. But the military took ... Read More »


Nahid is a young divorcee who lives alone with her ten year old son in a town in northern Iran near the Caspian Sea. Under the rules governing the Iranian society, custody of a child rests with the father, but her ex-husband in this case it has been given on condition that not remarry. The relationship between Nahid and another ... Read More »

La loi du marché

The story of Thierry, a man of 51 years, after 20 months of unemployment, will begin a new job where he soon will face a moral dilemma: can accept anything in order to keep your job? Read More »

How to Be Single

There is a right way to be single or unmarried wrong way … and another style of Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David. New York City is full of lonely hearts looking for a soul mate, either to share their love for flirting or for something in between the two. And somewhere between the suggestive conversations and one night ... Read More »

The Boy and the World

A child who suffers from the lack of a father leaves his village and discover a fantastic world, dominated by animal-machine and strange beings. Extraordinary animated film, with many different techniques, which addresses the problems of the modern world through the eyes of a child. Read More »


The film is to star a professional motivator that helps the more people, the more drab and dull is his life; everyone seems and sounds the same. Until a girl’s voice sounds different and is willing to abandon everything and everyone to achieve happiness with her. Animated film written by Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation) in collaboration with Dan Harmon (creator Community). Read More »