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Peppa Pig the movie

Peppa loves to jump over mud puddles wearing her beloved gold boots, although Suzy thinks they are just normal yellow boots. Unfortunately, Mrs. Pato also likes Peppa’s boots and escapes with them on. With the help of his friends, Peppa will have to travel by land, sea and even through space to recover his Gold Boots before the Great Diving ... Read More »

Un día vi 10.000 elefantes

Angono Mba, a Guinean octogenarian recalls from her living room the expedition that made carrier for the Madrid filmmaker Manuel Hernández Sanjuán and his team (Hermic Films), which he led between 1944 and 1946 to explore the Spanish Guinea documenting life in the colony and looking for a mysterious lake, where according to legend had an African, you could see ... Read More »