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To Appomattox

TV miniseries. 8 episodes. It will focus on the lives of some of the most revered American icons: the Civil War generals, their wives and families, against the backdrop of war. Read More »

Stargate Atlantis

TV series (2004-2009). 5 seasons. 100 episodes. The history of the series of the end of the seventh season and the beginning of the eighth of Stargate SG-1. A group of scientists, among them are Dr. Daniel Jackson, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Dr. Rodney McKay, are studying the Ancient outpost that O’Neill discovered at the end of the seventh season. ... Read More »

Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital

TV Series (2004). 13 episodes. Remake of a Danish TV miniseries (Riget) Lars Von Trier. Story of a peculiar hospital inhabited by strange beings, as a nearly blind security guard, a nurse who faints at the sight of blood and a paraplegic artist whose recovery seems miraculous. When patients and staff hear the pitiful voice of a child crying in ... Read More »

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad, TV Series (2008-2013). 5 seasons. 62 episodes. After serving 50 years, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher from a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, learns that has an incurable lung cancer. Married to Skyler (Anna Gunn) and a disabled son (RJ Mitte), the brutal story compels him to make a drastic change to your life decides, with ... Read More »