Luz de soledad

Olga is an only child and should be responsible to care for his father, D. Arthur, an irascible and hard character man suffering from a disease. Overwhelmed by his work at the law firm, you need someone to look after night and uses the last person whom his father would see: Sister Agnes, a servant of Mary nun … The ... Read More »

Doctor Strange

‘Doctor Strange’ follows the story of Stephen Strange neurosurgeon who, after a terrible accident, discover the hidden world of magical dimensions. Adaptation of the comic created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Read More »


It tells the story of calichin Delgado a crestfallen Peruvian footballer who had every opportunity to succeed but not able to take advantage. You now have the opportunity to return to football to try to recover the glory and her little daughter. Read More »

Hija única

In 2017, DELFINA (21) returns from New York to a small coastal town in the province of Buenos Aires. There visits the grave of an elderly woman and a young girl who is identical to her, called Julia. In fact, the picture of the tombstone could easily be a picture of it. From the identity of these two faces, young ... Read More »


Cuenta la historia de Eva, una excéntrica directora de cine que alcanzó la mediana edad y conlleva su vida entre el amor y su profesión. Pero, ¿qué pasa cuando la vida nos sorprende con un giro imprevisto y situaciones que debemos enfrentar no esperadas que nos cambian la vida en un minuto? Read More »


A horrible family tragedy takes Jacob, 16, traveling along the coast of Wales, where he discovers the ruins of the home for special children of Miss Peregrine. While exploring the ramshackle rooms and hallways, he realizes that children who lived there (one of whom was his grandfather) were outstanding. They were perhaps dangerous, perhaps there was a good reason to ... Read More »

Mafia III

It is the third episode of the Mafia series, which is inspired by a criminal world, this third version is improved and has ambiences in the classic era gangsters. Now is a bet on New Orleans. Become virtually a bonnet seek gain power. Platform: PC Developer: Hangar 13 Distributor: 2K Games Genre: Action, Adventures Release: October 7 de 2016   Read More »

Soccer Players in scandal

A new scandal splashed team and this time involved are Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna, who have staged aan adventure with a woman and the video went viral on social networks. Players who have not denied the incriminating images issued a statement and apologized. “We are aware that as professional footballers should set an example in all areas, especially children, ... Read More »

Queen of Katwe

Phiona Mutesi biopic of a young Ugandan chess prodigy. With 11 years he won the youth championship in his country. Shortly thereafter he could leave Uganda for the first time to go to a tournament in Sudan. And it came to compete at the World Olympiad discipline. Read More »