Itinerario de una pasión

Tras el artero asesinato de Pancho Villa en las afueras de Parral, Chihuahua, el 20 de julio de 1923, la ciudad entera se viste de luto. El caudillo es velado en el Hotel Hidalgo, propiedad de Pancho Villa, en el centro de Parral, por sus colaboradores más cercanos y admiradores de todos tipos. Entre los dolientes resalta la presencia de ... Read More »


El adolescente Zach Cooper se muda sin muchas ganas con su familia desde Nueva York al pequeño pueblo de Greendale. Allí encuentra un resquicio de ilusión cuando conoce a su vecina, la guapa Hannah, y hace un amigo: Champ. También se entera de que el padre de Hannah es RL Stine, autor del Bestseller de la serie “Pesadillas”. Pero Zach ... Read More »

Familia gang

A senior official of the Mexican political system decides to pretend the capture and death of El Coyote, public enemy number one in Mexico, and to do so, covenants with his family, requiring a body double. Topillero is responsible for carrying out the plan, but the path is reunited with his wife and son, whom he abandoned years ago. Read More »

Muchos pedazos de algo

We all have fantasies about fixing our lives once and for all, to risk everything on and emerge unscathed. This is the story of a group of young people, in addition to fantasize, get down to work. No plans whatsoever and nothing to grab onto, so begins the story of these dreamers. Read More »

Villa Touma

Three sisters of Ramallah, aristocratic and single, have not been able to assimilate the new reality of occupation and mass emigration of Palestinian aristocracy. To survive, enclosed in his mansion clinging to nostalgia for past glories. The arrival of his orphaned niece changes everything in their lives.   Read More »


Next explores the world of children and adolescents aged 6 to 16 years, who move to Los Angeles to pursue a universal dream: to become famous actresses. Every day arrive at LAX, tested auditions in line at the supermarket. They come from Midwestern cities where nothing ever happens. In many cases, the parents of these children and push them continue ... Read More »

Il nome del figlio

A dinner organized by the pair formed Betta (Valeria Golino) and university professor addicted to Twitter Sandro (Luigi Lo Cascio) Betta’s brother, Paolo (Alessandro Gassman) join with the young, beautiful and popular Simona (Micaela Ramazzotti) and a childhood friend named Claudio (Rocco Papaleo). Paolo, shamelessly estate worker who vote for the center-right, released a defiant joke to the prevailing political ... Read More »