During the course of an investigation, Alex, a police officer is attacked by a mysterious character. In the hospital he meets Leo, a patient eleven years that has the power to leave her body and wheel through walls like a ghost. With the help of Leo and the intrepid journalist Marie, Alex will face the gangster who attacked him and ... Read More »


Malcolm survives in a tough neighborhood of Los Angeles while sending college applications, conducts interviews and prepares academic for selectivity. But a timely invitation to a clandestine party will take him and his friends on an adventure that never imagined. Read More »

Il racconto dei racconti

Set in the Baroque, narrates, with fantastic dyes, the story of three kingdoms and their rulers. The Queen of Longtrellis (Salma Hayek) and her husband (John C. Reilly), the two mysterious sisters ignite the passion of the King of Strongcliff (Vincent Cassel), and King of Highhills, obsessed with a giant flea (Toby Jones), which leads to breaking the heart of ... Read More »

La novia

Adaptation of “Blood Wedding” by Lorca. From small, Leonardo, the bride and groom have formed an inseparable triangle. However, things have complicated a lot lately: the bride and groom are getting married, but between her and Leonardo has always been something more than friendship. The tension between them is increasing, like an invisible thread that can not explain, but not ... Read More »

Oxxo video in Mexico

Oxxo video in Mexico

WhatsApp circulating adult video recorded at the Oxxo showing a girl undressing and then masturbating in front of the camera of your cell phone. The video of the girl in the OXXO has been sharing virally from WhatsApp to other social networks, especially Twitter, where it is easier to evade controls sex. The adult video recorded on the Oxxo lasts ... Read More »

Lucky ladies

Segunda temporada de este novedoso reality de Fox Life que ha juntado a las famliares mujeres de los rockeros mas famosos de México. Cada una de ellas esta esta dispuesta a sacar su az bajo la manga a quienes pensaban que la tendrían fácil, pues estas mujeres son capaces de duplicar sus apuestas, sin ninguna contemplación. Read More »


Detective Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy) is the most surly police detective, perverted, misanthropic and drug addict and sex of Edinburgh. However, Robertson wants a promotion. It is clearly the right person for the job; the rest of his colleagues are idiots. Unfortunately, there has been a murder and the head of Bruce wants results. No problem. He is in control ... Read More »


After a personal crisis Cristina Cuernavaca returns to his home after seven years of absence. His deceased parents have left the home of his childhood to his older brother, Mauricio, who lives with his girlfriend (Elda) twenty years younger than him. Feeling displaced, Cristina struggles to regain its former space inside the house and affection of his brother removing old ... Read More »