Ti ricordi di me?

Do you remember me? That’s what too often question with Roberto to his girlfriend and mother of his child; Bea, that every emotion too strong to lose the memory completely, and have to start again with her. Read More »

Futatsume no mado

The people of the island of Amami, living in harmony with nature, are convinced that in every tree, every stone and plant lives a god. One summer evening, Kaito discovers the body of a man floating in the sea. Her friend Kyoko will help unravel the mystery. They grow together, learning to be adults, discovering the cycles of life, death ... Read More »

Third Person

Three love stories taking place simultaneously in three cities: New York, Paris and Rome. A New York writer (Liam Neeson), who has just separated from his wife and is in Paris, maintains a rather problematic relationship with his mistress (Olivia Wilde). A New York mother (Mila Kunis) strongly denies being responsible for an accident that almost cost him the life ... Read More »

Now Is Good

Tessa, a teenager who suffers from leukemia, made a list of things you want to do before you die. His first wish is to lose his virginity. Read More »


Gabrielle’s love and Martin is hampered because those around them consider them different from others. Portrait of a young woman’s struggle to get their sexual freedom and independence. Read More »

Ein Atem

Elena, a young Greek girl qualified, but with few prospects in their native country, she decides to go to Frankfurt in search of a better life. There starts working nanny for Tessa, a policy success trying to balance new motherhood and career. After the difficulties of the early days caring for Lotte, year and a half, Elena begins to enjoy ... Read More »

Le grand jour

It tells the true story of Nidhi (15 years, India), DGII (11 years, Mongolia), Tom (19 years, Uganda) and Albert (11 years, Cuba), two girls and two boys from different parts of the world thatThey are facing a test that will change and improve their lives forever. “The great day” is about the four heroes and take months, even years, ... Read More »

Despite the Falling Snow

1950, Moscow. Katya is an American spy in full arms race of the Cold War. When assigned his most important mission, to get secret information from the promising young Russian government Alexander, the last thing you expect is going to fall for him. Trying to reconcile his passion for him with his rejection of communism will make May? R of ... Read More »


A couple trying to conceive a baby despite some drawbacks: it has a poor, lazy and abnormal sperm and she is in premenopausal … with only 37 years! Read More »