Super Shore


Super Shore is a reality show that by the chain MTV Spain is transmitted and MTV Latinoamerica which follows the daily lives of nine young people who intend to spend the summer living together in different parts of southern Europe, starting with the first season by city Madrid and the Greek island of Mykonos. It is another Spanish adaptation of ... Read More »

Hulk Hogan asks $ 100 million for its video on internet

Hulk Hogan

Professional wrestler and actor reacted on Monday after a video of 1 minute and 41 seconds in a sex scene between him and Heather Clem shown, the wife of his then best friend, radio host known as seeps Bubba “The Love” Sponge. In an interview to a US, the actor said he was “utterly humiliated” and said that the reproduction ... Read More »

Ivana Nadal on the filtration photos

Ivana Nadal

Ivana Nadal, model and TV personality that attracts attention in perfect Escape, made news this week by becoming another victim of hackers famous who spread his intimate photos on social networks. This is some images and videos that the model sent privately to a couple two months ago and the first weekend circulated by WhatsApp and then viralizaron in different ... Read More »

Ryan Newman alleged photos

Ryan Newman

Ryan Newman has been questioned because of alleged pictures of her in which shown an unusual way her selfies. The beautiful actress of Disney XD seems to be exposed in a series of incriminating photos, but has not talked much about the issue and many say are photomontages or not about the actress. What we do know is that he has ... Read More »



A psychologist sees turn your life into chaos to discover that all their patients are the ghosts of people killed in an accident happened 20 years ago. Read More »

The Choice


Travis Barker has everything a man could want and like to enjoy life to the fullest, but there is something that refuses to try: love. That will change when it appears in your life Gabby Holland, a pediatric assistant who just moved into the house next door. Read More »

Una segunda madre


Val is an internal who takes his job very seriously. It serves a wealthy couple of São Paulo day and night, and cares for his teenage son, whom he has raised since his childhood. The order of this home seems unshakable until a day comes from his hometown intelligent and ambitious Val daughter, Jessica, whom he had left in the ... Read More »

Agenda Secreta


Twelve years after World War II and Nazism, Attorney General Fritz Bauer has pledged to stop the Nazi criminals. The decisive clue comes when in 1957 obtained the whereabouts of ex-SS Adolf Eichmann. Read More »

El movimiento


It takes place during the first half of the nineteenth century, in a vast and desolate land that has fallen into complete anarchy. Several groups of armed men roam the Pampa demanding infinite resources and submission of the few peasants who live there. All though they arrogate to himself the membership of the Movement, as the name of the political ... Read More »