Star Wars Anthology: rogue one


The Galactic Empire has finished building the most powerful weapon of all, the Death Star, but a group of rebels decide to carry out a very high-risk mission: steal the planes of that station before it comes into operation, as they face Also the powerful Lord Sith known as Darth Vader, disciple of the ruthless Emperor Palpatine. Film set between ... Read More »

Lady Ya no Aguanto is new trending


It has become a trend on Twitter this Wednesday the term Lady Ya No Aguanto, thanks to the video of a young couple that was recorded in intimate moments in the forest. Almost the minutes lasts the video published in social networks on the Lady Ya No Aguanto. According to the information circulating, the events occurred after they both exercised ... Read More »

Tamara and the Ladybug


It narrates the journey of two women who are blurred in their solitude and invisibility and who will have to live beyond what they expected, and find one in the other a space where they are not outcasts, where they are needed. It is a story in which the characters will discover, in their mistakes and their condition, a way ... Read More »

El faro de las orcas


Lola travels with her autistic son, Tristán, to the end of the world to meet Beto, a guardafauna who has a very special relationship with the wild killer whales in Argentine Patagonia. Lola’s determination to fight for her son, the peculiar personality of Tristan and her relationship with nature will make their lives change forever. Read More »

La isla del viento


Portrait of Miguel de Unamuno during his exile in Fuerteventura by his opposition to the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera. An analysis of the lesser of what was an experience that produced a profound transformation in the writer Bilbao. Read More »

Peppa Pig the movie


Peppa loves to jump over mud puddles wearing her beloved gold boots, although Suzy thinks they are just normal yellow boots. Unfortunately, Mrs. Pato also likes Peppa’s boots and escapes with them on. With the help of his friends, Peppa will have to travel by land, sea and even through space to recover his Gold Boots before the Great Diving ... Read More »

El hilo rojo


A Chinese legend tells that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The yarn can stretch or contract, but never break. Manuel (Benjamín Vicuña) and Abril (China Suárez) seem to be bound by this infallible fate. After meeting in a plane, they feel that they are the one for the ... Read More »

7 semanas


Camila is a young dance student who gets pregnant by her boyfriend Simon. The news is spreading dizzyingly, deluding everyone with the arrival of a baby, but Camila is not sure of being a mother, so she will face a complex decision. Read More »

Office Christmas Party


When her sister, CEO of the company, threatens to close its branch, the branch manager decides to organize an epic holiday party to get a new client. To their surprise, the party goes out of control. Read More »

Prueba de actitud


Four students in their final year of high school steal the University Selection Test (PSU) and escape to the beach to memorize the answers. However, the summer, the party and the men divert them from their perfect plan by losing the only copy within days of taking the exam. Now the four of them must put their friendship to the ... Read More »