Bakemono no Ko (The Boy and the Beast)

Kyuta is a lonely boy who lives in Tokyo, and Kumatetsu is an isolated supernatural creature in a fantasy world. One day, the child crosses the border to the other world and befriends Kumatetsu, who becomes his friend and spiritual guide. This meeting will take to live many adventures. Read More »

A Bigger Splash

Free remake of “Pool” (Jacques Deray, 1969), focused on the complex and increasingly sinister game of relationships that form a rock star recovering from an operation on the Mediterranean with his partner, his former representative and his young daughter penelope. Read More »


Two brothers meet again after five years. One has been in jail. The other has stolen a dangerous fence and now runs away with Diana, her young daughter. The three embark on a journey by a violent Andalusia, mythical, rugged and wild. A journey in which old wounds appear and in which the brothers are forced to reconcile himself to ... Read More »


Logan and Blake are in their last year of high school and are ready for a “spring break” of epic proportions when traveling to Puerto Vallarta. Surrounded by women in tiny bikinis, guys will feel in paradise; feeling is accentuated when Gaby Logan knows. However, to his luck, soon you discover that Gaby has stolen Rolex from his father … ... Read More »


A Mexican policeman is forced to work with a teenager to chase the criminals who killed his wife, and dismantle their organization hacker. Read More »

El incendio

Lucia and Marcelo have 30 years and are going with a hundred thousand dollars to pay their future home. But the seller fails and writing is delayed. Tense and frustrated return to their old apartment rented and hide the money. Marcelo says, “Relax, it’s a day like any other.” During these 24 hours of waiting the true nature of love ... Read More »

A Conspiracy of Faith

An old message is found in a bottle in Scotland after a long journey across the ocean. The note is difficult to decipher, but when Danish researcher of the department Q succeeds, will deal with your particular team abandoned solve another diabolical case even though the traces of this virtually disappeared Read More »

Mon roi

The story follows Tony, who is admitted to a rehabilitation center after a serious fall skiing. Dependent medical staff and painkillers, take the time to remember a tumultuous history with Georgio. Why they have wanted? who is really the man she loved? How he was able to undergo as stifling as destructive passion? Tony now begins a tough reconstruction, a ... Read More »

Secret In Their Eyes

Two FBI investigators with a close relationship, Ray and Jess, are relieved of his post, along with the Supervisor District Attorney Claire when teenage daughter Jess appears brutally murdered. Thirteen years later, after searching tirelessly every day the murderer, Ray finally finds a clue to solve the case … Remake of “The Secret in Their Eyes” (2009). Read More »