History clown Chocolat (Omar Sy), the first black artist circus in France, which was a huge success in the late nineteenth century. It was also the first to advertise, the same that inspired other contemporary Belle Epoque as Toulouse Lautrec or the Lumière brothers participating in several of his early films. Along with the clown Foottit (James Thierrée), both were ... Read More »

Mother’s Day

cross on Mother’s Day stories. Sandy (Jennifer Aniston) is a woman of strong personality struggling to maintain sanity and her role as mother when her ex marries another woman younger than herself. Miranda (Julia Roberts) is a star presenter of a major TV network unmarried and without compromise. The professional life smiles and thinks he has everything. By contrast Jesse ... Read More »

Dayaceli Cervantes popular for his photos


Dayaceli Cervantes has been very popular on twitter because of his photographs that looks very beautiful actress of “La Rosa de Guadalupe” has achieved great popularity because of their great performances and great beauty. The beautiful actress has just over five thousand followers on twitter yet that does not diminish the popularity that has generated these weeks in social networks, ... Read More »

Jennette McCurdy has a dilemma on his acting career

Jennette McCurdy

The beautiful actress Jennette McCurdy is in a dilemma that has to do with his acting career on the small screen. For this scenario Jennette McCurdy living, the blonde star of shows like iCarly and Sam and Cat is concerned about how his followers take the turning point in his career. Since last year Jennette participates in a series produced ... Read More »

Chloe Moretz gorgeous at Tribeca Film Festival

Chloe Moretz has conquered us with his latest outfit at Tribeca Film Festival, which has been part of the jury and which has proven to be one of the most stylish young talents panorama. Would not you love it? Chloe Moretz is the youngest member of jury at Tribeca Film Festival, which we love and we are proud but now ... Read More »

Rumba Tres, de ida y vuelta

Documentary reviewing 55 years of experience of a group that has been everything in the world of Rumba: Rumba Tres. A film that tries to discover this group a generation that completely ignores not only the enormous musical quality of these musicians and their international reach, but the human personality behind its components, Joan and Pere Capdevila brothers and Pepe ... Read More »

Generation Z

Earth has undergone a zombie apocalypse, but has managed to emerge victorious. However, many of the inhabitants of the planet eventually turned into zombies. Melanie suffered a real trauma because when she was a child she watched her parents turned into zombies. Now, civilization has recovered completely and is completely controlled situation. In fact, one of the most famous places ... Read More »

Bienvenidos a Grecia

Jörg Geissner works for a German bank that will finance the construction of a hospital and a power plant in Paladiki, a small Greek island. The bank, before the doubts and suspicions that generates everything related to Greece and the Greeks, sends Jörg control their investments. This, upon reaching his destination, he realizes that there is nothing built. What for ... Read More »

Tokyo Fiancée

Amelie is a Belgian young dreamy 20 years returns to Japan, where he spent part of his childhood. There tutoring French for a living, and that is how you will meet Rinri, his first and only student, a young Japanese man with whom will initiate a romance. Among surprises, happy moments and pitfalls in the middle of a culture shock, ... Read More »

Les souvenirs

Romain is 23 years old. He wants to be a writer, but for now is night watchman at a hotel. His father is 62 years old, is retired and everything seems to care a damn. Romain shared apartment with a boy of 24 years whose only goal in life is to seduce women, no matter who or how much it ... Read More »