TV Series 331 chapters (1994-2009). Prestigious series that chronicles both professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and administrative Emergency Department of General Hospital of Chicago team everyday life. Won more than 20 Emmys Awards and produced, among others, Steven Spielberg (Amblin Television) in association with Warner Bros. Inspired by the work of the famous writer and novelist Michael Crichton ... Read More »

Alfred Hitchcock presenta

TV Series 363 chapters (1955-1965) created by Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense. It was broadcast on CBS (1955-1964) and NBC (1964-1965) under the name of “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour”. All the stories were characterized as presented personally by Hitchcock. Read More »

La vida inmoral de la pareja ideal

History tells how “Lucio” and “Martina”, two young men who are known in the early years of school with an indescribable chemistry, decide to eat the world without imagining that fate and society have prepared a surprise that will separate forever. Read More »

Dont Breathe

Some young thieves believe they have found the opportunity to commit the perfect robbery. Your goal will be a blind lone holder of millions of dollars hidden. But as soon as they enter your home they will be aware of their error, because they will find themselves trapped and struggling to survive against a psychopath with their own secrets and ... Read More »


A love story about the Basque town bombed by Nazi aviation in April 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. In this context, the young Teresa (Maria Valverde), an editor of the republican press office clash with Henry (James D’Arcy), an American journalist low hours that is covering the northern front. Teresa, courted by his boss, Vasyl (Jack Davenport), Russian advisor ... Read More »

Robinson Crusoe

Year 1659. Mak a alirrojo macaw lives in harmony with its colorful friends on a tropical island, a place that could well be “paradise”. However, he missing some action: dreams of discovering a new world. His desires seem to be heard when after a strong storm appears on the coast Robinson Crusoe, the only survivor of a shipwreck. This being ... Read More »


A documentary about the construction of the National Monument to the victims of the Jewish Holocaust putting on dialogue to Holocaust survivors living in the City of Buenos Aires with the construction of the architectural work, passing different stories to get one: the need to keep the memory of one of the most atrocious events in the history of humanity ... Read More »

Cabin Fever

Five friends are spending a few days holiday in a cabin in the woods when they learn of the existence of a virus that turns its carriers cannibals. Remake of the eponymous film released in 2002. Read More »